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How to comment a peertube video from a mastodon account?

Peertube is a wonderfull video plateform. You can comment any video from any peertube instance if you have a Mastodon or Pleroma account. It should work theoreticaly with any compatible ActivityPub Account. Go to the video you want to comment. Here is an example. Do not try to comment from this page, if you …

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How to install Hubzilla on Dreamhost

You can have the documentation on how to install Hubzilla on every hub. Example You can just type /help/install Here is a step by step tutorial how to install a hubzilla for your group, family or simply for yourself on Dreamhost. Dreamhost allow it even on the share hosting. If you don’t have an …

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How to enable multisite and create a network with wordpress

Step 0: Before You Begin Contents Compared to normal, single installs of WordPress, there are more considerations to take when creating a network. You must decide if you want to use subdomains or subfolders for your install, and also how you want to manage those. Running a network also has different nuances for installing themes …

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