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Hubzilla 5.0 Released

It has been a wild and fun development cycle with many challenges. Here is a brief summary of the most notable changes: Zot6 ProtocolZot6 has been implemented as the primary messaging protocol in Hubzilla. Most work in this development cycle has gone into this project. What you will notice is that the network field in …

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4 Major Protocols for federated social web

Mike Macgirvin explain what is a computer protocol and why multi-protocol systems can’t really evolve. « A computer protocol is a language. If two or more computers use the same protocol they can theoretically communicate. Like human languages, these protocols have limitations and the things which can be expressed using that protocol only include concepts that …

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Osada resurrected

Osada is a full featured social network application running under the ActivityPub protocol. It also communicates with and inter-operates with servers on the Zot6 network (such as Zap and Hubzilla 4.x). Due to limitations in the ActivityPub protocol, Osada does **not** offer nomadic identity or enhanced privacy modes. Osada was created originally by Mike Macgirvin, …

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