Friendica 2018.05 released

Friendica is one of the oldest federated social network. If you open an account on friendica you can communicate with all federated social network who use ActivityPub, Ostatus and Diaspora protocol.

In may the community informe us of a new version 2018.05

They works hard for compatibility issue of php and on GDPR. Here is a short list of main changes

– Translation work : Friendica now has 20 languages 11 have more then 80% of the core plattform translated (DE, EN, EN-GB, EN-US, ES, FI, FR, IT, PL, RU, ZH-CN).
– New module for Terms of Services for your node that can be activated from the admin panel.
– Many utility scripts are now bundled in a console that can be found in the bin directory.
– Security : When entering a new password, the choosen one will be checked locally against a database of exposed passwords.
– As libravatar is closing their service a new alternative to the gravatar service based on David Revoy’s cat-avatar-generator: the catavatar.
– The long deprecated themes frost( and frost-mobile have been removed.

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