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Hubzilla uno

Mike Macgirvin make this information

Hubzilla UNO is a configuration of Hubzilla specifically designed to appeal to a broad
community. All configurations and options and site features which have traditionally
caused confusion amongst those who are unfamiliar with and alienated by Hubzila’s advanced
technical concepts have been removed. The result is a software base which is drastically
simplified and approachable by a much larger audience, with a corresponding loss of
(significant) functionality.

This is accomplished by taking a normal hubzilla server and disabling all the advanced features.
Not tucked away as hidden options as per the current design, but in fact the advanced features
are completely disabled and unavailable.

A server can choose to be a Hubzilla UNO server at installation time. This is a permanent and
potentially irreversible decision. One can migrate their UNO channel to a « normal » hubzilla server,
but they *cannot* clone it (in either direction). This also means that hubzilla UNO can achieve a
high degree of compatibility and federation with other primitive communication services; which is
impossible for a hubzilla server that supports clones. Hubzilla UNO is also 100% compatible with
Hubzilla and « federates » without any limitations. This provides a compatibility bridge to traditional
services and networks for those willing to give up Hubzilla’s nomadic identity feature.

The most difficult decision is providing support for forums. Since forums require understanding
of the concept of « multiple channels per account » and this has traditionally caused confusion, it
was decided that forums would not be supported on hubzilla UNO. Members may interact with forums
that are provided on traditional hubzilla servers.

no nomadic clones
no permission options (ACL only).
no DAV (file uploads are still available through the web interface)
no multi-channels
no multi-profiles
no webpages
no bookmarks
no forums
no apps
no built-in « webchat »
no channel sources

limited features, all of which will have been preset

Development tasks:

Most of this work is reasonably straight-foward and merely involves appropriate « #ifdef » code blocks.
The largest development task is to bring back support for the older Friendica style account migration
since cloning will not be an option. This means if your hub shuts down, we will attempt to re-establish
your connections from a new service; but you cannot « just carry on » during brief outages.


Probably some rough edges but this is mostly done. Import of UNO channels into a traditional hubzilla server is blocked until the migration bit is worked out. It’s basically taking Hubzilla and stripping it down. Even stripped of a large number of advanced features it still has orders of magnitude more functionality than Diaspora (for instance) as far as conversational community software goes, so this configuration may appeal to a number of people.

Coming in September 2014: Friendica Hackathon in Berlin, Germany

(Reposted from Tobias Diekershoff)

Upcoming in September: Friendica Hackathon in Berlin, Germany.

From Sept. 5th to 7th 2014, some Friendica developers and users will be gathering in Berlin to work on software improvements. Everyone is invited to join.
The plan is to work on some issues (label Berlin2014) and to get to know other friendica friends in person. We hope to see non-coders as well as coders! People who know about UI, who would like to test or document changes are very welcome! If you can't come in person but you'd like to work with us, join us on IRC (#friendica on freenode, UTC +2 ;) ) or in the forum!

The venue:
Groessenwahn, Kinzigstr. 9, 10247 Berlin, Germany (http://kinzig9.de/gwl.html)
The venue is not accessible in a wheel chair.

If you are somehow involved with friendica and you would like to join, poke us! There is still a limited amount of sleeping places available.

"Us" - that's tugelblend@snarl.de, tobias@f.diekershoff.de and freiefunken@pink.pilot.io

Hope to see you in September!!!

Debian founder Ian Murdock has died

The founder of Deb Ian distribution Ian Murdock died the 28th of december 2015 at the age of 42. Police Department did not immediately have information on Murdock’s cause of death.
He gave his name to the debian distribution. The word « Debian » was formed as a combination his girlfriend Debra Lynn and his own first. name Ian,

“Ian helped pioneer the notion of a truly open project and community, embracing open design and open contribution; in fact the formative document of the open source movement itself (the Open Source Definition) was originally a Debian position statement,” Docker chief executive Ben Golub wrote in the blog post. “It is a testament to Ian’s commitment to openness and community that there are now more than 1,000 people currently involved in Debian development.”

In Memoriam: Ian Murdock

Podcast about funkwhale

Funkwhale is a modern, self-hosted, free and open-source music server


Funkwhale is a music plateforme federated by Actitiypub


  Unlimited music

Funkwhale is designed to make it easy to listen to music you like, or to discover new artists.

  • Click once, listen for hours using built-in radios
  • Keep a track of your favorite songs
  • Playlists? We got them

  Clean library

Funkwhale takes care of dealing with your music.

  • Import music from various platforms, such as YouTube or SoundCloud
  • Get quality metadata about your music thanks to MusicBrainz
  • Covers, lyrics, our goal is to have them all 😉

  Easy to use

Funkwhale is dead simple to use.

  • No add-ons, no plugins : you only need a web browser
  • Access your music from a clean interface that focus on what really matters

  Your music, your way

Funkwhale is free and gives you control on your music.

  • The plaform is free and open-source, you can install it and modify it without worries
  • We do not track you or bother you with ads
  • You can invite friends and family to your instance so they can enjoy your music

You’re interested? Some things are still missing to make the project easily installable, but this is moving fast. We’ll be publishing installation instructions soon, stay tuned!

Nomad mobile application for hubzilla

Nomad is an application for Hubzilla. It  You can install it from the Fdroid application.


It’s currently under development and should be used with that in mind. Please submit any bugs you might find. We are basing our work on the dandelion* app. The is a webview based app developed as a WebApp

Why is a WebApp better than using the mobile site on a browser? Basically it provides better integration with the system (events coming into and going out of the app), customized interface and functions and a nice little icon that takes you directly to your favorite social network 🙂

Follow news from the Nomad Channel nomad@hub.disroot.org


Go to this page to download it


Maybe this application works with Osada and zap


WordPress Activityüub is supposed to connect WordPress and ActivityPub



From GNU social to Mastodon : History of the fediverse

I think they were also hamstrung by a faith in free software ideology to draw people in. The truth is that software needs to be pretty polished to get a look in either way.

Tom Karpiniec wrote an interesting article about the fedivevse. Today Mastodon has a wave of adoption due to the change of rules at Twitter. Before Mastodon was Gnusocial who try to open the way. But the users was mainly libristes and geeks.


That article talk about Quit.im the fist try of Instagram alternative, of Hubzilla and Friendica and all other projects.

New users have been coming to the fediverse in waves. There’s always been a background level of organic growth but most of the action happens when Twitter does something stupid. Twitter does stupid things on a fairly regular schedule so this constitutes the bulk of the growth. People search for Twitter alternatives and sign up. Many of them get bored and leave again. Some stay, and the process continues

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What is ActivityPub by Arthur

You can follow Arthur with art@peertube.mastodon.host (peertube account) and art@mastodon.sdf.org (Mastodon)

How to install Mastodon on Debian server with Yunohost

When you search how to Install Mastodon, it is complicated. If you are like me you can be discouraged. This job is really for a sysadmin.

This is an easy way to install Mastodon.


Having a server with the latest Debian 9.5 actuel uptodate with a SSH acces. You can have a cheap VPS for that it works well.


On this example imagine you have a domain with the name domain.com. You will create 2 subdomains. yuno.domain.com and mastodon.domain.com

Installation of Yunohost

Just run one command.

bash <(wget -q -O- https://install.yunohost.org/)

Once it is done, you have Yunohost. At the end you have to choose where you want to install it. You can choose yuno.domain.com  Go to this site. You will see something like this


  • Create a user :  This part is quite esay no needs more explaination
  • Click Domains  and add –> I have a domain. –> add yuno.domain.com and mastodon.domain.com

Then return to the domain and edit.

configuration DNS

Change the dns according to the model.

; is your IP address just replace it with the ip of your server
@ 3600 IN A
* 3600 IN A

_xmpp-client._tcp 3600 IN SRV 0 5 5222 domaine.com.
_xmpp-server._tcp 3600 IN SRV 0 5 5269 domaine.com.
muc 3600 IN CNAME @
pubsub 3600 IN CNAME @
vjud 3600 IN CNAME @

; Mail
@ 3600 IN MX 10 domaine.com.
@ 3600 IN TXT "v=spf1 a mx ip4: -all

Go to the DNS of your domaine and change it.

Attention a DNS change can need time. be patient.

Go to a command line to your server and run this command for you domain and subdomains

sudo yunohost domain yourdomain.tld cert-install --no-checks


Now the hardes part is done. Simply run this command

sudo yunohost app install mastodon

If it does not work you still can run this command

sudo yunohost app install https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/mastodon_ynh.git

After replying to questions at the end you have your mastodon at





One more ActivityPub project. Create a professional network to replace Linkedin. CloutStream

Take care it is not CloudStream but Cloutstream. I don’t know what the name means. It is php based on laravel and let’s follow that project…

What CloutStream Aims To Do

CloutStream is a web platform similar to LinkedIn and other professional networking sites without the user data and privacy violations. The goal is to focus on people coming together who are passionate and engaged in their lines of work to create connections to new colleagues.

The technology behind CloutStream is part of a growing movement of web platforms that are offering everyone a way to start migrating away from walled-gardens such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram who are in the business of selling your data as a product.

How Does This Work?

CloutStream is open to the public to download and install on a web server. The owner of a CloutStream instance chooses what the focus of this instance should be (programming, photography, etc), they set the rules of conduct, and they open it up to public registration.

Every time someone creates a new instance of CloutStream, all other working instances begin communicating with each other and sharing posts from members all over the world!

If you want to follow the project @cloudstream


It was an excellent project but the founder resign


Pixelfed want to be an alternative of Instagram. It will be federated with ActivityPub like Mastodon, Pleroma or many other plateform. Untill now you didn’t have any similar app as Instagram.


The only tools that could be similare was quit.im based on Gnusocial

It was a good start but Gnusocial seems to be slow developped and they didn’t have implemented ActivityPub yet.


Pixelfed was on early developpement today (end of July 2018) but we can start using it with few instances already available.

What is interesting is that the creator Daniel wanted to polish the look and feel. Contrary to other libre project that code the core first and then try to make a good design at the end, here you have a polished application. Many option are not open yet. You still can publish pictures, you have filters, you can comment and follow and been followed.

The federation is not open yet. That means that you cannot follow people from other instance.

If you are curious and want to create an account, you can find instance at the federation


Hubzilla 3.6 Released!

Mario wrote a notice to inform us that Hubzilla 3.6 is out.

The most notable change in the Hubzilla 3.6 release is probably the refactoring of the various activity filter/order options. Basically we got rid of the network tabs and replaced the functionality with two new widgets in left aside – activity_order and activity_filter. The order widget takes care of the various order possibilities – by commented date  (default), by posted date, by date unthreaded. The selected order is saved in the config and thus persistent.
The new filter widget displays all enabled filter options (privacy groups, personal posts, starred posts, forums etc.) in one widget. A new filter by contactname feature has been added and the notifications for unseen forum posts are now displayed in the notification widget. The privacy group management has been moved to the the panel chanel menu (your profile photo in the panel) and the management tool has been refactored.
The tags/mentions have been refactored and you will notice that the appearence of autofilled @mentions in the post editor look better readable now @{somechannel@somehub.org} instead of @channelname+365 before the change.
The cart addon has received major updates and has now support for paypal payments with automated fulfillment options (add buyer as contact, add buyer to privacy group and for admins only – change service class). A new gallery addon has been introduced to provide visitors of your channel a possibility to comfortably browse through your photo albums.

Other notable changes:


  • Webpage menus are now editable by visitors with webpage write permissions
  • Improve new channel creation workflow
  • Implement reset button for the post editor
  • Provide a general purpose GDPR document
  • Implement messagefilter for pubstream and sourced messages
  • Add supported federation protocols to siteinfo
  • Implement admin delete of files, photos and posts

Hubzilla is a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework built using common webserver technology.

If you want to know more about hubzilla read the article of Sean The Do Everything System A in depth review of Hubzilla


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Mastodon 2.4

Eugen the creator of Mastodon published an article about Mastodon 2.4

Delete and redraft

Possibility to delete and redraft a post. : If we want to correct something, edit is not possible but you can delele and republish the post.

Hide network

Mastodon now has an option to hide who you follow and who follows you from your profile.

Language filtering

We’ve added the ability for people to select a default language for their toots to override automatic detection (therefore reducing false positives) and we turned the opt-out system around into an opt-in one.


Friend finding

The biggest challenge of any social network is, unsurprisingly, the “network effect”. It becomes more useful the more people that you care about are on it. Another one is surfacing interesting content, which is tangentially related, but a topic for another article/release.

You can now create personalized invite links. Send the invite link to your old friends and followers, and they will be able to sign up on the same server as you and automatically follow you straight away.


To get started with Mastodon, you can sign up for free here or here, or dive into the deep end of choice by browsing the list of servers here. Or, use the bridge tool to find where your Twitter friends are and sign up there.


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