Yulia Marushevska

Yulia Marushevka is not known in Ukraine but she is a star internationaly. If you see that video clip maybe you will understand

With his friend the british photograph Graham Mitchell, she made this little video of 2 minutes near Maidan at Kyiv. « I wrote the text quickly she said, just before the video. The temperature was -20C and we couldn’t stay long in that cold ». The text is simple, she encourage in english people to share the video for the democratie and freedom. She said it is not the soviet union. I wanted to show that we are normal human been.

She also has a wikipedia page

now see how russia media comment this video

War in Ukraine

What’s Happend in Ukraine ?

End of 2013 and begining of 2014 Revolution. The president have to leave the country. Russia was unhappy. It take Crimea peacefully.

Then at the east a war started agains Ukraine. Hard to understand the reason. It is like in middle age. From my point of view. Rusia is taking Ukraine slowly. Russia has strong army Ukraine is weak and poor. this is Goliath again David without God action. Russia said there is no invasion. No Russian Soldier in Ukraine. But the reality is foreign soldiers and arms fight against ukrainians. Russians continues with propaganda telling this is the fault of americans who created Kosovo. Ukrainians are fascists. For Russia Ukraine is ennemy. For Ukraine Russia is ennemy.

What will be the result of that ? we don’t know but optimism is not really realistic. The war will continue. Russia will continue to say : I am peacefull. I support peace and the war will continue. Why ? Why Ukraine don’t belong to NATO ? at least they will not be alone against giant Russia eating them ?

For a long time, Russia and Ukraine were two brotherly countries. Culture and languages are very close and it was difficult to understand the reason for the relentlessness of Russia to kneel Ukraine since it has shown a willingness to want to be free and therefore be really independent. The independence of Ukraine in 1991 was actually a theoretical independence as Russia kept many levers in this country.
Since the last 2013 revolution, Russia changed its relationship with Ukraine. For her this desire for freedom and democracy and liberation from corrupt leaders is a coup led by the Americans.

Are to justify intervention Russia operates the propaganda machine at full capacity and bigger is better and this incredible happening. Result today the number of Russians who believe that the US is enemy has increased tenfold. 81% feel in opposition to the United States, 71% have a very poor opinion of the European Union. 24% of Russians believe that Russia and the EU have hostile relations.

War for Russians in Ukraine is not a war against the Russian but against the Americans.

So we understand better why this country is so hard to deny any involvement in this conflict as disseminating false or exaggerated in the extreme as showing Ukrainian like fascists or Nazis. Besides the campaign for ratachement from the Crimea to the Russian Federation was a cinch.

We are witnessing a resurgence of speech inflaming hatred. Misunderstanding is complete with sanctions that far from bringing peace strengthens the anti western sentiment reinforcing the war in Ukraine. The Russians believe that the Americans are derrieres Ukrainian forces as Ukrainian for Russian. And during the negotiations the war continues and Russia continues to advance his pawns with western and civilian casualties are increasing every day. Of course each side reference accountability opponent.

What is going on in Ukraine

Ukrainian explain for us the situation. This is not propaganda or western media or russian misinformation : Just an ukrainian citizen trying to explain us what is going on…

The story is…

We had a president Yanukovich (sponsored by Russia). And trust me life wasn’t sweet with him! Few months ago after his another step to the Russian side, people went to the streets for peaceful protests. Protests turned into civil war in the center of Kiev. And now Yanukovich is guilty of that mass murder. Ukraine’s parliament has voted to remove president and set new elections to may. But Russia doesn’t like the fact that Ukraine is not under Russian pressure anymore. So, Putin sends Russians (they tell journalists that they are just locals who want to live in Russia) to Ukraine to set anti-Ukrainian protests in Eastern and Southern cities. Russia is trying to convince the world that Ukraine wants to be the part of Russia which isn’t truth of course. And now Russian troops have entered our country to provoke Ukraine into armed conflict.

So, the point is that we are Ukrainians (not Russians)! We have friends and relatives in Russia and we love them. But we don’t want to work for Russia or to turn to slaves of Russian Empire. We want to live in our own independent Ukraine and to decide ourselves to work with Russia, EU or USA.

All these people you see on the photo are real Ukrainians that live in Odessa. And they gathered together in the city center for peace! Thank you, my friends, for taking your time and reading this! And, please, spread the word!