My swiss russian doctor

I have sore throat, I have a cough I am not feeling well. I am feeling tired. Wendesday I am staying at home and not going to work. As my condition is not improving, I decided to go to the doctor Friday.

In Switzerland, You have to pay medical insurance. It is very expensive so expensive that I have a duty to my insurance. The result is that all expenses less than 2500 CHF or EUR I am not reimboursed. So I always hesitate to go to the doctor because I have to pay all and that is not cheap as you can imagine. Here in Switzerland all is billed. You invoice is very detailed. Each minute have a cost.

Sometimes we must go to the doctor. For me it is once every two years.

It used to be a man. I already went once to see that man but now he is retired and a new doctor take his place. She is a young lady around 30 / 35 year old. Olga should be russian. She has a strong russian accent.

That Friday, I was like a cloud, not very well and I should explain to her what I have. I always hate that. I don’t know how to explain how I feel. Normaly a doctor should know how I feel and what I have. She ask me lot of questions. What is my profession and few questions like that. And After 5 mn she start talking very fast with russian accent and I is hard to understand her. He start making a list of medication. Total 6 kind of medicine. I say that I don’t like medicine and I want to have the strict mandantory medicine. I am not well enought to understand what she tell me. At the end she gave me two tablets because the pharmacy is closed.

I am out and I don’t know what I have.

As I am very tired, I go to bed. I take the tablet. It is a pain killer. Why did they gave me a pain killer ? The pain was not too hard to support. But during this night, That night, I got a headache. I have a stomach ache. I want to vomit. It cannot sleep. And at the morning finaly I vomit. I hate that. It’s like I’ll die.

Saterday, I am feeling very weeking and I stay in bed. My conclusion. The tablet the doctor gave me was not good for me but it is worst.

Monday I go to the doctor again and give back the second tablet and explain how I react with it. I didn’t accept a second time with that doctor. I don’t trust her. For me this doctor gave me too many medicine.  She is only a phamaceutic lobbyist and commercial.

I am very disapointed with the swiss medical system. It is very expensive. Medical insurance is mandatory but useless. And When you find a doctor you are lucky enough because most of them are full and don’t accept you. If you find a doctor who accept you wou never know what happend.

Swistzerland is missing generalist doctors. That is why doctor from Romania, Portugal, Africa and Russia came here.

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