La Sarraz Castle Switzerland

La Sarraz Castel

The town of La Sarraz is an attractive and interesting place perched on a little ridge at about 500m between Cossonay and Orbe. The ridge forms the watershed between the valley of the Venoge that comes out of L’Isle, flows northeast to La Sarraz, and turns south past Lausanne-West to Lac Léman (Lake Geneva), and the floodplain of the Nozon and the canals that join the river Orbe and reach Lac de Neuchâtel at Yverdon to the north.


The castle itself, sitting on a high place in the town alongside the trade route between the two river valleys, has a long, well-documented history (mostly of tax-collecting, presumably) since the 13th century, continuously in the same family (rather loosely defined, passed from the Grandsons 1049-1269, Montferrands 1269-1541, and Gingins 1541-1798) until it was turned over to the state and a management foundation, the Société des Amis du Château de La Sarraz, in 1920. The belle matron of the family hosted international art festivals and maintained an art colony of some sort in the 1920s or so (one room is devoted to her art posters).

The name « Sarra » comes from patois-Latin for « fortified ».

Caux Palace Hotel Montreux

Caux grand hotel
Above Montreux in the Vaud canton, in Switzerland you can see Caux Palace Hotel. . Constructed in 1900, the goal was to make the most advanced, most luxurious and biggest hotel ever built in Switzerland. The Caux Palace Hotel was blessed with instant success. Celebrities such as Sacha Guitry, Paul Morand, Romain Rolland, Edgar Wallace, prince Ibn Saud, future king of Saudi Arabia, John D. Rockefeller and the maharajah of Baroda visited it.

It is now also the seat of the Swiss Hotel Management School