walk to the Dar waterfall

This Saturday morning, the weather is ideal for a walk with friends to discover a beautiful part of the canton of Vaud. The sky is cloudy with no rain and the temperature is around 20C.

Since Saint Loup (village of Pompaple) you can leave the vehicle and go in this beautiful forest. This place is a hospital and a nursing school and a religious establishment. It was establish in 1852 by pastor Louis Germond, who moved to the former Hotel des Bains St-Loup site.

The first step is about 30 minutes walk: The iron oven in Ferreyres. In fact this place is very discreet. There is no sign that indicates presence. Ferreyres was once the site of iron production as the name might suggest. A memory location has been erected to remember this dynamic past.

Following the walk takes us next to the Yellow career. it is a quarrying until 1914.

Next step: a tufa.

A tufa is a site formed by a rock that can be exploited, often as a building stone. This is actually a source that causes these concretions, which gives it an unusual appearance. These concretions are sometimes in the form of giant stairs, causing a succession of more or less high waterfalls.

We then go back in Nozon towards the Dar waterfall. Point well deserved break. In this season there is not much water.

Dar word means river waterfalls. The Fall of the Dard therefore means the fall of the river that made waterfall.
In the sixteenth century, the lord of Gingins-La Sarraz, a lord of La Sarraz town south of Pompaples, made divert some water from Nozon to his mill, the Moulin Bornu. She then moved towards the castle so we can use it to fill the moat. The water diverted, the course takes the name of Augine, flows from the Venoge.

Since then, some of Nozon waters flows to the talent, so to Lake Neuchâtel, the Aare and the Rhine basin to the north. The addition to the Venoge, the Rhone and thus the southern basin.

The place where the river splits took the name of Middle of the World.

A little further up is the village of Croy we go through to continue our fountains discovered by quarry.

carrière des fontaines

In this career you will see several footprints in the limestone fountains basins that are in the Nozon Valley and throughout
the township. There were carved in a single block fountains found throughout the region. These huge masses of stone were transported on logs.

We finished our walk down the Nozon that splits into two. Some northbound and thus the North Sea and the other towards the mediterranean sea. It’s the middle of the world. We are so close to Saint Loup start.

This 3 hour walk enabled us to stop on a grill space provided for a lunck. We were able to learn many interesting things not necessarily found in the manuals. Nothing better than a person who knows the scene to tell us about his region and he knows.


Walk from Pont de Nant thru trou à l’ours

You park your car at Pont de Nant (Switzerland)and take the pedagogical way. You have a botanical garden. This first part is quite easy

After 30 to 45 mn you turn right and go up. You can see nice views. You climbe from 1350m to 1650m. You can have dangerous or difficult part but you have chain you can hold. The trou à l’ours is a kind of cave that you have to cross. It is not wide. A real adventure.

Nice walk with medim difficulty. But good equipment is recommended with good shooes. At the end you join the parking after 3 hours of walk.

Joux valley from the sky

The Vallée de Joux is a valley of the Jura Mountains mainly in the Swiss Canton of Vaud. The valley also continues into France at its higher, south-western, end. Located 30 miles (50 km) north of Geneva and north-west of Lausanne, its mean elevation is over 3300 feet (1000 metres). There are three Swiss lakes in the Vallée de Joux : the lac de Joux (around 6 miles (10 km) long), the lac Brenet and the lac Ter. The French border runs along the northern edge of the valley until, about 10km west of the lac de Joux, the base of the valley becomes French territory. The valley then continues to climb gently towards the Lac des Rousses and the ski resort of Les Rousses.