First day of ski


This year, the begining of winter was dry and snow was missing. Finaly the second part of winter (end of january, february and march) show more snow. This saturday, I was skying in France at Metabief station Jura mountain at the swiss french border.

You just cross the french border and 15 mn later you arrived at this sky station. Altitude is not vey hight (1400m hight at the top). The price is not very hight. With 4 people you can have 4 hours for 74€.

It was the first day of ski and probably the last of the season.

Walk from Pont de Nant thru trou à l’ours

You park your car at Pont de Nant (Switzerland)and take the pedagogical way. You have a botanical garden. This first part is quite easy

After 30 to 45 mn you turn right and go up. You can see nice views. You climbe from 1350m to 1650m. You can have dangerous or difficult part but you have chain you can hold. The trou à l’ours is a kind of cave that you have to cross. It is not wide. A real adventure.

Nice walk with medim difficulty. But good equipment is recommended with good shooes. At the end you join the parking after 3 hours of walk.