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Internet communication has it’s own rules. When you block someone, that means that you don’t want any communication. Of course we can find an other way (creation of a new profile etc…). Blocking someone is not absolute. It is like censure.

Each time someone block me that make me sad. I am feeling rejected. The hardest thing is that the reason in unknown. That happend sometimes in intercultural communication. You could hurt soneone by accident. Blocking someone could be revanche.


How to add youtube video in interpals

You can add embeded youtube video in interpals message or content. I will explain you step by step how to do it.

1. Select the url of the video. just copy past the address for example

2. Identify the youtube code. The youtube code is in red

3. here select WObWGpe1ff8

4. Then put the code [youtube]WObWGpe1ff8[/youtube]

You have an option : click the youtube button

Then past the code like this

click OK and it is done

That is all