Pineda de Mar Spain

This year, I don’t have the choice. I have to take my holiday in August. Bad luck. Prices are hight. People are stressed. But let’s go to Spain in Pineda de Mar.

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According to Google, 8 to 9 hours could be enought to join the destination place. In fact we took 10 to 11 hours.  You must take motorway if you need to cross France. And that motorways are very expensive. We paid between 50 to 60 euros fron Geneva to Spain. And on the french motorway you only have machines. A machine gave you a ticket and a machine ask you to pay.

Pineda de Mar is situated at the Costa Brava near Barcelona at the mediteranean sea. We can speak catalan and spanish. People understand quite good french and english.

Pineda de Mar Espange

Holidays are oportunities to simply do nothing. But we must do something : organise what to do.During this time we have luxury to bet bored. We can think about lot of things. What happend during the last year. The first days my mind was empty. Usualy during the year I am overbooked.

The hotel was not the best quite place. Although not very cheap, the level of phonic isolation was very poor. We could hear the music from outside. In the room we could hear the swiming pool, toilet of the neighbourgh, people walking etc…

Read my advice about this hotel I don’t recomment it

Fortunately in Pineda de Mar in Spain we can live outdoors.

place principale Pinede de Mar

One curiosity is this huge tree in the middle of a street near the beach.


Illa fantasia is water parc but I don’t recommend it. It is small and we can do all attractions in one hour. Additionaly the water is very cold.

During the afternoon, the city is very quite. People should snooze. But on evening between 9pm and midningh lot of people are outside. Families with babies, children riding bicile or searching pokemons. Youth drinking at cafes or simply walking.

Otherwise after few days my skin did adjust on the sun without major problems thank to sun cream and shadows. I have an impression of warth that keeps even on evening or during the night. Swiming in the sea is very pleasant. It is like therapy and motivation comes back. Inspiration comes back too.



Hotel Checkin Pineda

Here is a feed back for Hôtel Checkin in Pineda de Mar in Spain. If you are looking for a hotel : don’t book this one. Expensive, noicy without wifi.

One week in this hotel begining August. I didn’t expect the best. My expectation was not very hight. Pineda de mar is a nice family place at the mediteranean coast. The beach is at 10 mn walking.

Noise : It was the main negativ point. We can hear noices from the swiming pool even closed windows. Children playing is ok but the loud music is not pleasant. I download sonometer apps specialy for that and : 45 ou 50 db inside the room. You can even hear doors, water, batch room from the neighboor, people waling in the corridor. Phonic isolation was too bad.

Food : just ok. You have choise and are able to select food. You can have fresh fruit and vegetable but not take industrial food. Drink is not included. You have to pay 3.50 € water if you want to drink during the meal.

No wifi : Forget wifi execpt if you pay it! Wifi is free but only at the reception. But if you are lucky it works very slowly. Forget skype and things like that. At the village place you can have public free wifi.

Groups. This hotel welcome groups of youth people, handicaped people. So they can make noice and special atmosphere. One The hotel was more a spychiatric hospital than touristic hotel

Conclusion : If you have not booked yet. Try an other solution. I dont’ understand why this hotel was full.


Joux valley from the sky

The Vallée de Joux is a valley of the Jura Mountains mainly in the Swiss Canton of Vaud. The valley also continues into France at its higher, south-western, end. Located 30 miles (50 km) north of Geneva and north-west of Lausanne, its mean elevation is over 3300 feet (1000 metres). There are three Swiss lakes in the Vallée de Joux : the lac de Joux (around 6 miles (10 km) long), the lac Brenet and the lac Ter. The French border runs along the northern edge of the valley until, about 10km west of the lac de Joux, the base of the valley becomes French territory. The valley then continues to climb gently towards the Lac des Rousses and the ski resort of Les Rousses.