Switzerland is number 4 concerning economic freedom

Economic freedom is a crucial component of liberty. It empowers people to work, produce, consume, own, trade, and invest according to their personal choices.

Why Does Economic Freedom Matter? – from The Heritage Foundation’s Understanding America series – explores the framework America’s Founders established for an economically free nation, and what economic freedom means for the United States and the rest of the world.

here is the ranking
1. Hong Kong
2. Singapore
3. New Zealand
4. Switzerland
5. Australia

10. United States

17. Germany

19. Luxembourg

75. France

178. North Korea

This is a comparison of economic performance and trade scores in the forthcoming 2016 Index of Economic Freedom demonstrates the importance of trade freedom for prosperity and well-being.
Countries with the most trade freedom have higher per capita incomes, lower rates of hunger in their populations, and cleaner environments.
Countries with low tariffs and few non-tariff barriers have stronger economic growth. Free trade policies also encourage freedom in general—including protection of private property rights and the freedom of average people to buy what they think is best for their families.
The simplest way to achieve trade freedom is to unilaterally reduce tariff and non-tariff barriers.
Most Americans are open to the idea of more free trade.

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Greeceland more than half of the youth are unemployed

In March 2012, Spain and Greece passed of 50% youth unemployement.  That means there were more Spanish and Greek workers under 25 without a job than with one.

Six months later, it’s only gotten worse.

Youth unemployment in Spain and Greece is now 55% and 53%, incredibly. If you’re in school or not actively looking for a job, you’re not counted in the unemployment rate. This economic tragedy can easily become a social disaster as young promising people either leave their country to work somewhere else or else turn to illegal or violent activities to protest policies wrecking their economies or lash out against a country that’s leaving them behind.

Europe is a great idea but now as the economic crisis is very high, Europe doesn’t help. Euro has no leader no economic purpose. The only goal is to keep slow inflation. Unemploement is not the goal. They don’t care. Europe is definitively not a good idea.