Synthesis 2016

It is time to take time to think of this passing year. We will try to make an assessment to note some events that are marked this year.


The goal of writing a blog is to write in english. Not to be an influent bloger and to change the world. The motivation is still here. For 2017 I decided to move this blog at a new adresse
A blog is anachronistic but but it remains a challenge. A challenge to write but also a challenge to express our thoughts. A blog is a garden that must be maintained. An article is a like a message in a bottle. Who will read it ? who will understand it? How many people will receive it. Why continue this blog?

Gnusocial – Diaspora and Hubzilla

Gnusocial is an alternative response to Twitter but does not seem to grow much. The vinilox instance will close in 2017. I am still using gnusocial at
Diaspora is a relative success because it is more used and there are also francophones. Dada made on his blog a good little synthesis of 2016.
Hubzilla continues its development slowly but still has difficulty to be adopted by non-computer specialists. Review one year after the release of version 1. Hubzilla has everything to please in theory but in practice it is another story.


Brexit: Despite the polls, media support, the Britishs chose to continue their route outside the European Union. We are entering an interesting phase of history. This event marks a visible return to protectionism in the face of globalization. Will other countries follow the same path? Europe is in a bad stage because it is far from the citizens and undemocratic. It imposes its directives on the states in an almost dictatorial way.


Another surprise of the year is the election of Trump as President of the United States of America. The media were against (maybe a little too much), polls as well. Trump wants to put America back in the center and take care of the rest of the world. Another note of protectionism.


Hollande the worst president of the French Republic of all time renounces to stand for the next election. This is the first time an outgoing president has not appeared. Holland was elected to reject former President Sarkozy. Apart from homosexual marriage, no emblematic measures will be retained from this mandate. France had been in the street for months to signify its oposi- tion. It did not cost too much. Economically no significant measure has marked if not the shock of complexification. France is in any case non-reformable. We look forward to the next president.

Labor law

Labor law Under the pressure of the European directives, François Hollande proposed a law intended to flexibilize the labor market. In fact this law was a retreat of social gains. For a president who called himself a socialist, all that was needed was to put France back into the street with the movement of night standing up. Thanks to section 49.3 this law was passed in spite of a great popular opposition of both employees and employers and with a minority in the parliament.


PhareFm arrives in Switzerland in DAB +. After Lausanne, Basel, Valais it is Lugano which receives this Christian musical program. France is slow to offer digital radio.

Basic Income

In Switzerland we voted for or against the RBI (Unconditional Basic Income). This has allowed this idea to progress and talk about it. The idea was to give each citizen an unconditional income to enable him to live. Labor income would come in addition.

Implementation of the Feb 9 initiative

On 9 February 2014 the Swiss people voted against mass immigration. Implementation was finally decided two years later. A somewhat vague measure has been taken to encourage

Radio garden a new concept of radio directory, allows you to explore live internet streams of radio stations across the world by navigating a Google Earth-style globe interface. Note the cool domain name

radio garden

From its very beginning, radio signals have crossed borders. Radio makers and listeners have imagined both connecting with distant cultures, as well as re-connecting with people from ‘home’ from thousands of km away – or using local community radio to make and enrich new homes.

Personaly, I can spen lot of time traveling from country to country, from city to city listening different kind of radio station. You can learn languages by listening new language or just simply listen to music from all over the world. I just noticed that in some country there is very few radio stations like in Africa for exemple.

In addition to the live streaming feature, it also lets you listen to historical radio broadcasts and a selection of jingles and station identifiers from around the world. Try Radio Garden for yourself here.

England Please Don’t Take My Child

In England poor families and specific population are by default bad parents. Children care take preventively children out of families. They distroy families and lifes pretenting they protect children. British are just too cruel Britain is the only country allowed adoption without consentement of parents. Autorities simply stiels children.

Been with refugees

We can hear about refugees in the news very often. For me refugees was really like a theoretical concept. It was an idea. I have the image of Calais where they attack truck trying to go to England. Refugees it is picture of people on boat or in camps in Greeceland.

You have have people who is against them and people who is pro. You have in Europe political parties that try to reduce the number of refugees. People are afraid of them. The fear that they will colonize us.

Recently not far from my work place, a group of refugees was allowed to sleep in an empty building of a company. People from Nigeria and Gambia was there waiting for regularisation or I don’t know. Someone at work was touch by these people and wanted to organised a meal in order to invite them. I thought why not. I didn’t help at the organisation but tonight was the date. I came at the meal.

It was after the work outside, food on tables and simply they came. Maybe 40 black men was there. They didn’t speak any french but we communicate in english. They also speak an other language probably local dialect.

That was an occasion to talk with few of them. As they spoke simple english like me we try to communicate. At first just simple talk. Where do you come from ? Do you like this food etc… Then slowly I could enter in more personal questions but not toomuch. I didn’t want to make them not comfortable. They all have history. I saw and theire face sadness and resignation. What are you doing during the day ? Waiting. How do you communicate with your family in Africa ? I buy prepaid card. But it is very expensive. What is your name ? Noa. One man was here just like visitor but he is sleeping in a park because the builing where they are was full.

It was nothing special. At the end the man (he should be 20 year old maybe) said : We are very happy for this invitation.

Now my vision of refugees is different. They are human. They are real ? I even don’t make difference between economic and political refugees. Actually is it really important. I feel how hard it should be. Just waiting all day long boring and doing nothing should be hard. Been in a country with a language that we don’t understand.

Tonight refugees are humans like me. I realise that I am privilege one. I have a house, a work, a family I have all.

Pineda de Mar Spain

This year, I don’t have the choice. I have to take my holiday in August. Bad luck. Prices are hight. People are stressed. But let’s go to Spain in Pineda de Mar.

You can also read the french version of this article

According to Google, 8 to 9 hours could be enought to join the destination place. In fact we took 10 to 11 hours.  You must take motorway if you need to cross France. And that motorways are very expensive. We paid between 50 to 60 euros fron Geneva to Spain. And on the french motorway you only have machines. A machine gave you a ticket and a machine ask you to pay.

Pineda de Mar is situated at the Costa Brava near Barcelona at the mediteranean sea. We can speak catalan and spanish. People understand quite good french and english.

Pineda de Mar Espange

Holidays are oportunities to simply do nothing. But we must do something : organise what to do.During this time we have luxury to bet bored. We can think about lot of things. What happend during the last year. The first days my mind was empty. Usualy during the year I am overbooked.

The hotel was not the best quite place. Although not very cheap, the level of phonic isolation was very poor. We could hear the music from outside. In the room we could hear the swiming pool, toilet of the neighbourgh, people walking etc…

Read my advice about this hotel I don’t recomment it

Fortunately in Pineda de Mar in Spain we can live outdoors.

place principale Pinede de Mar

One curiosity is this huge tree in the middle of a street near the beach.


Illa fantasia is water parc but I don’t recommend it. It is small and we can do all attractions in one hour. Additionaly the water is very cold.

During the afternoon, the city is very quite. People should snooze. But on evening between 9pm and midningh lot of people are outside. Families with babies, children riding bicile or searching pokemons. Youth drinking at cafes or simply walking.

Otherwise after few days my skin did adjust on the sun without major problems thank to sun cream and shadows. I have an impression of warth that keeps even on evening or during the night. Swiming in the sea is very pleasant. It is like therapy and motivation comes back. Inspiration comes back too.



Hotel Checkin Pineda

Here is a feed back for Hôtel Checkin in Pineda de Mar in Spain. If you are looking for a hotel : don’t book this one. Expensive, noicy without wifi.

One week in this hotel begining August. I didn’t expect the best. My expectation was not very hight. Pineda de mar is a nice family place at the mediteranean coast. The beach is at 10 mn walking.

Noise : It was the main negativ point. We can hear noices from the swiming pool even closed windows. Children playing is ok but the loud music is not pleasant. I download sonometer apps specialy for that and : 45 ou 50 db inside the room. You can even hear doors, water, batch room from the neighboor, people waling in the corridor. Phonic isolation was too bad.

Food : just ok. You have choise and are able to select food. You can have fresh fruit and vegetable but not take industrial food. Drink is not included. You have to pay 3.50 € water if you want to drink during the meal.

No wifi : Forget wifi execpt if you pay it! Wifi is free but only at the reception. But if you are lucky it works very slowly. Forget skype and things like that. At the village place you can have public free wifi.

Groups. This hotel welcome groups of youth people, handicaped people. So they can make noice and special atmosphere. One The hotel was more a spychiatric hospital than touristic hotel

Conclusion : If you have not booked yet. Try an other solution. I dont’ understand why this hotel was full.


Switzerland : no denstist insurance. You must pay all.

Switzerland has an image of rich, stable and secure country. Salaries are hight and economy is dynamic. But if you need medical care, you must have monney.

Medical insurance is mandatory but each one is responsible. You have to choose the insurance company. This is hard to choose because you must understand how much you pay and how much you would receive money for medical care. Each year you pay more for this insurance while price decrease each year. In Switzerland is deflation. The best choise if you have no money is to choose the highest reductive. That means that your insurance works after certain amount. That means if you pay 1000 CHF you can pay all and the insurance is useless. Only if the doctor bill is higher that 2500 CHF the insurance pay you. If you have 10 000 CHF of hospital bill your insurance will pay you for 7500CHF and not always 100%.

Each month you pay a lot for insurance (20% of your income) but it is useless if you have no serious health problem.

Now concerning dentist. For medical teeth car, you must pay all.For most Swiss, the dental expenses not covered by their health insurance because this requires conclude additional insurance. Because of this, the part of the most disadvantaged population often waives care. This is a serious inequality. « Note that the initiative also provides that the State implement a prevention device for oral health.

But dentist are against they think that dental health is a matter of prevention, they believe that everyone brings to his teeth, most of preventable diseases through proper hygiene. Insurance imposed by the state would only increase bureaucracy and déresponsabiliserait population.

The low-income people are the first to abandon the annual preventive control, advance the initiators based on figures recently published by.

Security is a false cliché in Switzerland. You are always afraid to receive a huge bill that you don’t choose and that you can’t pay. health is luxury that only rich people can afford.


Hubzilla or Friendica

I don’t know what kind of software I should use. First I should explain my need. If you understand the need half of the problem is solved.

I need to share photos with friends and family with hight level of confidentiality. Sharing and discussion with friends I know in private level is also what I am looking for. But publishing information at the whole world like a blog to is part of the needs too.

Untill now I had friendica. But now I hezitate to change with hubzilla.

The problem I face is that friendica is hard to upgrade. I can’t update it. So the solution would be to start something new. Importing the date to a fresh new friendica or hubzilla is the option.

Friendica needs a less heavy database. But hubzilla have a better nomadic identity.

What would be your suggestion.
You can contact me here with a comment. Or with friendica (kris @ )or hubzilla. chris9561 @

Esperanto day

Each year the 15th of december is esperanto day. This is a good reason to explain what is esperanto.


Esperanto is the most widely spoken constructed language in the world. Up to 2,000,000 people worldwide, to varying degrees, speak Esperanto, including perhaps 2,000 native speakers who learned Esperanto from birth.