Hubzilla my (re)experience

I am back to Hubzilla after a break. I can now use it again, test it, feel it. Hubzilla is hard to explain.

My goal for this september was to create a new channel as I explained on my previous article.

Creation of a new channel. Go in the old channel, check if a contact is usefull if no : delete it. If I had a contact with a channel, I add it to the new channel. I call that manual moving.

I already read something about a possibility of changing the name of a channel. But i don’t remember where it was and it seems to me complicated. Don’t forget that the age of my brain is 6 year old.

On time I wanted to add Mike. I though that it would be nice to read what he wrote because he is the creator of Hubzilla. He already helped me for different things and even understand sometimes me. I know that my english is not perfect and sometimes it is not easy to express confusion clearly. He even keep some of my suggestion to improve hubzilla. So I decided to add him in my relation list.

I go to the relation list and then add the address then I see that !!!!

I understood that I must pay 10$ to continue. I don’t have anymore a paypal account. I though that it was free to add a relation in hubzilla.

I understand that free solfware needs sometimes money and we can put possibility to make gift for a project. But I never seen that we have to pay for a relation request.

I stoped there because as I see myself I have no chance to be accepted. I am not programer, just a critical user.

Now it is not possible for me to talk with mike with hubzilla. But I notice that he understand french and he can reply with gnusocial. I will ask him questions with gnusocial or with public posts. It will be a message in a bottle hoping that it target someone.

Otherwise Hubzilla is a wonderfull communication tools for community.




New hubzilla channel

HubzillaToday, I decided to open a new Hubzilla channel (account) for my english use.

What is hubzilla ?

Hubzilla is a decentralized communication network, which aims to provide communication that is censorship-resistant, privacy-respecting, and thus free from the oppressive claws of contemporary corporate communication giants. These giants function primarily as spy networks for paying clients of all sorts and types, in addition to monopolizing and centralizing the Internet; a feature that was not part of the original and revolutionary goals that produced the World Wide Web.

In other words, Hubzilla an application that we can install freely in a server that can help a community to communicate. It could be a social network, a blog or a file sharing system.

if you would like to know more read the official webside

Why I stopt using my preivous channel ?

I created an english channel one year ago when hubzilla was just new. Yes it has only one year like a baby. And you have address like email. Mine was Once I wanted to change the name like we can do it with twitter but it was so complicated that I keep it. I added people, too many and now I have so many people that I don’t even know. So I decided to delete all and create a new channel and add peole with who I will have real contact.

Why I create a new english channel ?

After holiday I have new motivation. I wanted to start something new from zero. It is like having a new home in a new city. It is good to have new perspective, new idea.

Feeling a new user is one thing but analysing what is missing is an other things. I wanted to feel how new people who does not know hubzilla feel. We can call that emphthy. Whith my poor english I could explain how to improve hubzilla. We must be honest to recognise that now hubzilla is not for public, it is only for hubzillian developper or passionate. The creator Mike said that Hubzilla is targeted for developper and not for normal user.

I encourage developers to create a new channel. You can see things you don’t see. You can see things as noob. Yes it is easy to create a new account but after how to use it ? What to do ?

My dream : invite people that would be able to create an account or follow me here and having interaction with them. Do you want to contact me ? No problem my ID is add me pleace. You don’t have hubzilla account no probleme create it.

Here is my english hubzilla channel :

If you have Diaspora account you also can follow me in adding

I would like to have your feedback. What is nice ? What is your impression of hubzilla ? Why did you stop using it ?

updating friendica

I had a small friendica site that I wanted to update.

Rename the old friendica directory with filezilla

Create a new directory with filezilla

ssh server
cd new directory
git clone git:// .
copy .htconfig.php from the old directory to the new

but but but

I still have

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /…/…/…/mod/profile.php on line 304
Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /…/…/…/mod/profile.php:304) in /…/…/…/index.php on line 559

Shall I stop using friendica on Dreamhost and installing hubzilla. I know that hubzilla works well on Dreamhost


Probably something was corrected because one week after … it works.

Is AM Radio Dead ?

The national radio station in France, France Inter, is closing their LW transmitter next year, saving a claimed $15 million. BBC Radio has given notice that they plan to close BBC Radio 4’s LW transmitter when the remaining valves – they have less than ten – burn out.

In the Netherlands last week, explosives brought down the last AM mast at Lopik, a radio transmitter that until last year broadcast public and commercial radio. Other AM masts have also been closed in the country. The NPO, the public service broadcaster, claims that savings for them alone are $1.3 million a year.

France Bleu and France Info, two more French public service radio stations, are closing over ten AM frequencies in the next twelve months. In 2012, the Irish broadcaster RTÉ closed its last AM transmitter, and plans to close its own long wave transmitter in 2017.

In Germany, the public service broadcaster there is closing their AM transmitters. Russia has recently closed their LW broadcasts. In many of the Nordic countries, AM was switched off years ago. The BBC is slowly closing AM repeaters for their local radio stations, and closed a big AM transmitter for the BBC World Service in 2011. Commercial radio in the UK mostly broadcasts DJ-less jukebox services or foreign language broadcasts on AM, and has handed AM licenses back in the past.

But AM still have a future

read more


Redmatrix is a decentralized communication and publishing platform that enables you to keep in control of your communication needs by automatic encryption and finely grained access control. It’s you, and only you who decides who is allowed to see your stuff.

Many misunderstood what was redmatrix and the image of that project didn’t match the goal of the project. Many people understood it was a social network but according to Mike his founder it is not.

The reason for the name change proposal is that the name Redmatrix does not really convey any concept of the project purpose; it has a lot of baggage and conflict from mixed messaging about the project goals and definition since it began 3 years ago; and the project has evolved a lot since then. You can still see people from other projects describing it as « a new Friendica » and yet/just another « social network ». The project has solidified and it has been suggested that we might benefit from a fresh start with brand identity to undo the effects of the mixed messaging, the changes in project direction, and generally bad associations by early adopters due to a number of issues which (I believe) have now been sorted.

Now how I like / feel and analyse Redmatrix.
I try to install my own instance. It works! I even feel easier than friendica. Here is few evaluation in any order or importance.
– For me Redmatrix is like friendica. I use it like a social network.
– The database is much more heavy than friendica.
– I don’t like to wait and I feel that each time I click somewhere I have to wait.
– The social network is the most advance tool of redmatrix because the other tools are only in early step.
– Photo : This is not a photo album or photo manager. Yes we can manage photo but … toot hard to use.
– Blog : I try to create pages and we need lot of patience to create simple page. All other CMS are easier to use. Yes we can create pages but really simple one.
– Edition of text. I never adopt markdown. I always prefered rich editor. So I concider the text editor as none.
– Nomadic identity : that concept is still a mistery as we have identity user@server and if you move you will have a new identity user@newserver with new url.
– Creation of an account. I wish I could have presubsrition with moderation like on ning. The user create and account and reply to few questions. If the answer are logic, we can assume that it is human been that is behind and not robot. That could be used like a filter for subscribtin sur niche community.

My conclusion : Hubzilla is the hope that a new positive image will come and a new optimisme and use of the application. It it will be simple to use with good performance, I think that project will have future. My expection is very hight, I hope I will not be disappointed. Hubzilla the future wordpress ?

facebook account

Supid question maybe. All should have a facebook account. When you want to talk with someone you should have a facebook account. Personaly, I have one but I rarely use it. Does that count ? I prefere google. You can chat with text or even with voice and video. You have a very good photo management and google + as streamactivity.

But I prefer also federated network like diaspora or friendica. It is kind of facebook but you can install you own server and each serve can talk to each other. Like your mail can talk to every body, your Diaspora account can be connected to all people. You have an account like user@server and the placewhere you have your account is not important.

I can give you here my social network account : (gnusocial)  Have fun

I forget if you want to talk with my xmpp or Jabber :

MORE AWESOME THAN MONEY – our Boys and Their Heroic Quest to Save Your Privacy from Facebook by Jim Dwyer was

Their idea was simple. Four NYU undergrads wanted to build a social network that would allow users to control their personal data, instead of surrendering it to big businesses like Facebook. They called it Diaspora. In days, they raised $200,000, and reporters, venture capitalists, and the digital community’s most legendary figures
were soon monitoring their progress. Max dreamed of being a CEO. Ilya was the idealist. Dan coded like a pro, and Rafi tried to keep them all on track. But as the months passed and the money ran out, the Diaspora Four fell victim to errors, bad decisions, and their own hubris. In November 2011, Ilya committed suicide.

Diaspora has been tech news since day one, but the story reaches far beyond Silicon Valley to the now urgent issues about the future of the Internet. With the cooperation of the surviving partners, New York Times bestselling author Jim Dwyer tells a riveting story of four ambitious and naÏve young men who tried to rebottle the genie of personal privacy—and paid the ultimate price.

Installing a new gnusocial

Few years ago was statusnet. And Statusnet was the federated social network. It was easy to install on on simple LAMP. we were in 2011 …

And diaspora was born and I discover friendica and redmatrix.

Now in 2014 I tryed gnusocial. Gnusocial is the continuation of statusnet. My experience at was really nice. So I decided to install a gnusocial instance just to try and maybe do adopt.

First I notice that there is no documentation or very few. the only page I found was

We must have ssh access and imagine lot ot things.

After persistance, I could install it and it is very satisfying. Nevertheless I have few unfinished questions.

– How to localize in french ?

– How to connect with twitter the twitterbridge didn’t want to work.

– How to set up the mobile version

– I couldn’t connect with mustard




Why Linux Sucks

Linux exists but why is it still not used ? simply because it sucks. Look at drivers and hardwards problems. How about audio or videos editors  ? There is too many distributions softwares that are unfinished. How about games ? And how do you replace photoshop ?


That video dates of 2012 but I am sure in 2014 it is the same.