Christmas season

December is also called Christmas season because we decorate shops and home to remember that we have to buy gift and food to prepare Christmas and New Year celebration. That period is generaly busy not only for seller who have to send lot of parcels, not only for internet ecommerce but also for every once. That period show us that we MUST spend our money. That period is typicaly for consomer society.

If you don’t have money what do you do. You just feel the pression that you are out. That is why I don’t like Christmas season


Been with refugees

We can hear about refugees in the news very often. For me refugees was really like a theoretical concept. It was an idea. I have the image of Calais where they attack truck trying to go to England. Refugees it is picture of people on boat or in camps in Greeceland.

You have have people who is against them and people who is pro. You have in Europe political parties that try to reduce the number of refugees. People are afraid of them. The fear that they will colonize us.

Recently not far from my work place, a group of refugees was allowed to sleep in an empty building of a company. People from Nigeria and Gambia was there waiting for regularisation or I don’t know. Someone at work was touch by these people and wanted to organised a meal in order to invite them. I thought why not. I didn’t help at the organisation but tonight was the date. I came at the meal.

It was after the work outside, food on tables and simply they came. Maybe 40 black men was there. They didn’t speak any french but we communicate in english. They also speak an other language probably local dialect.

That was an occasion to talk with few of them. As they spoke simple english like me we try to communicate. At first just simple talk. Where do you come from ? Do you like this food etc… Then slowly I could enter in more personal questions but not toomuch. I didn’t want to make them not comfortable. They all have history. I saw and theire face sadness and resignation. What are you doing during the day ? Waiting. How do you communicate with your family in Africa ? I buy prepaid card. But it is very expensive. What is your name ? Noa. One man was here just like visitor but he is sleeping in a park because the builing where they are was full.

It was nothing special. At the end the man (he should be 20 year old maybe) said : We are very happy for this invitation.

Now my vision of refugees is different. They are human. They are real ? I even don’t make difference between economic and political refugees. Actually is it really important. I feel how hard it should be. Just waiting all day long boring and doing nothing should be hard. Been in a country with a language that we don’t understand.

Tonight refugees are humans like me. I realise that I am privilege one. I have a house, a work, a family I have all.

Coluche : 30th death anniversary

Coluche died 29 year ago. Born in 1944 he was a french actor and humorist. He was very popular because of his irreverent sense of humour.

On October 30, 1980, Coluche organised a press-conference in the theatre where he was performing a one-man show. It was there that he announced his candidacy for the French presidential elections in 1981. At first he was not taken seriously until the day the Sunday newspaper, Le Journal du Dimanche, published a poll on 14 December 1980, crediting Coluche with 16% of voting intentions.

In September 1985, he created the Restos du coeur charity. This charity is one of the bigest charity today giving food to millions of hungry people in France.

Less than a year later, in June 1986, Coluche died when his motorcycle crashed into a truck on a road in the commune of Opio in southeastern France. He was 41.

Coluche is a giant emblem of the french contemporary culture. He said truth with a popular language that people understand.

This user’s privacy settings do not allow you to view their profile.


Internet communication has it’s own rules. When you block someone, that means that you don’t want any communication. Of course we can find an other way (creation of a new profile etc…). Blocking someone is not absolute. It is like censure.

Each time someone block me that make me sad. I am feeling rejected. The hardest thing is that the reason in unknown. That happend sometimes in intercultural communication. You could hurt soneone by accident. Blocking someone could be revanche.


I don’t like christmas period

Christmas is not a biblical celebration. Jesus is not born in december or January. The first christians did not celebrate it. It become religious day later in the history.

Today Chrismas is a commercial event first. The pretext of exchanging gift is good for shops to try to sell more. Buying gift is not only the reason. Christmas is a family celebration. It is a time to be together with a nice meal.

BUT today family is weak. Traditional family with a father, a mother and children is getting rare. People are lonely. Mariage is temporary contract if it still doesn’t exist. Families are not strong anymore. People are lonely. Christmas for people without family or with conflictual family is a hard period.

For people with less money it is hard too. The society push to buy but if you have just a little money it is harder.

Additionaly, we talk about the climat change. It is very contractitory with consumming society. If we want less carbon, it is just simple, we must return in a simple way of life without unnecessary things we put into trash few year later. Christmas is typicaly a period of time again ecological principal.


Redmatrix is a decentralized communication and publishing platform that enables you to keep in control of your communication needs by automatic encryption and finely grained access control. It’s you, and only you who decides who is allowed to see your stuff.

Many misunderstood what was redmatrix and the image of that project didn’t match the goal of the project. Many people understood it was a social network but according to Mike his founder it is not.

The reason for the name change proposal is that the name Redmatrix does not really convey any concept of the project purpose; it has a lot of baggage and conflict from mixed messaging about the project goals and definition since it began 3 years ago; and the project has evolved a lot since then. You can still see people from other projects describing it as « a new Friendica » and yet/just another « social network ». The project has solidified and it has been suggested that we might benefit from a fresh start with brand identity to undo the effects of the mixed messaging, the changes in project direction, and generally bad associations by early adopters due to a number of issues which (I believe) have now been sorted.

Now how I like / feel and analyse Redmatrix.
I try to install my own instance. It works! I even feel easier than friendica. Here is few evaluation in any order or importance.
– For me Redmatrix is like friendica. I use it like a social network.
– The database is much more heavy than friendica.
– I don’t like to wait and I feel that each time I click somewhere I have to wait.
– The social network is the most advance tool of redmatrix because the other tools are only in early step.
– Photo : This is not a photo album or photo manager. Yes we can manage photo but … toot hard to use.
– Blog : I try to create pages and we need lot of patience to create simple page. All other CMS are easier to use. Yes we can create pages but really simple one.
– Edition of text. I never adopt markdown. I always prefered rich editor. So I concider the text editor as none.
– Nomadic identity : that concept is still a mistery as we have identity user@server and if you move you will have a new identity user@newserver with new url.
– Creation of an account. I wish I could have presubsrition with moderation like on ning. The user create and account and reply to few questions. If the answer are logic, we can assume that it is human been that is behind and not robot. That could be used like a filter for subscribtin sur niche community.

My conclusion : Hubzilla is the hope that a new positive image will come and a new optimisme and use of the application. It it will be simple to use with good performance, I think that project will have future. My expection is very hight, I hope I will not be disappointed. Hubzilla the future wordpress ?

War in Ukraine

What’s Happend in Ukraine ?

End of 2013 and begining of 2014 Revolution. The president have to leave the country. Russia was unhappy. It take Crimea peacefully.

Then at the east a war started agains Ukraine. Hard to understand the reason. It is like in middle age. From my point of view. Rusia is taking Ukraine slowly. Russia has strong army Ukraine is weak and poor. this is Goliath again David without God action. Russia said there is no invasion. No Russian Soldier in Ukraine. But the reality is foreign soldiers and arms fight against ukrainians. Russians continues with propaganda telling this is the fault of americans who created Kosovo. Ukrainians are fascists. For Russia Ukraine is ennemy. For Ukraine Russia is ennemy.

What will be the result of that ? we don’t know but optimism is not really realistic. The war will continue. Russia will continue to say : I am peacefull. I support peace and the war will continue. Why ? Why Ukraine don’t belong to NATO ? at least they will not be alone against giant Russia eating them ?

For a long time, Russia and Ukraine were two brotherly countries. Culture and languages are very close and it was difficult to understand the reason for the relentlessness of Russia to kneel Ukraine since it has shown a willingness to want to be free and therefore be really independent. The independence of Ukraine in 1991 was actually a theoretical independence as Russia kept many levers in this country.
Since the last 2013 revolution, Russia changed its relationship with Ukraine. For her this desire for freedom and democracy and liberation from corrupt leaders is a coup led by the Americans.

Are to justify intervention Russia operates the propaganda machine at full capacity and bigger is better and this incredible happening. Result today the number of Russians who believe that the US is enemy has increased tenfold. 81% feel in opposition to the United States, 71% have a very poor opinion of the European Union. 24% of Russians believe that Russia and the EU have hostile relations.

War for Russians in Ukraine is not a war against the Russian but against the Americans.

So we understand better why this country is so hard to deny any involvement in this conflict as disseminating false or exaggerated in the extreme as showing Ukrainian like fascists or Nazis. Besides the campaign for ratachement from the Crimea to the Russian Federation was a cinch.

We are witnessing a resurgence of speech inflaming hatred. Misunderstanding is complete with sanctions that far from bringing peace strengthens the anti western sentiment reinforcing the war in Ukraine. The Russians believe that the Americans are derrieres Ukrainian forces as Ukrainian for Russian. And during the negotiations the war continues and Russia continues to advance his pawns with western and civilian casualties are increasing every day. Of course each side reference accountability opponent.

How was 2014 for you?

2014 slowly pass. It is time to make a retrospective of the year. You can see how the news was or look at your own life. Did your dream became real this year? Or was it a nightmare.

I am doing the same thing. Did I spend enough time with whom I love. Probably not enough. I loose time with chronophage things. Time for thinking. Time for new motivation. Time for decision. The end of the year…

This is my reflexion of the moment

Evening on december

December has short days and long nights. December is a busy month. We prepare Christmas and we are tired. The sky was not dark. The trace of the flight almost invisible on a photo attract my eyes. Where do this plane go? I was walking and meditate and stopt when I saw that tree and that sky. Sometime just simple thing make me happy.