Christmas season

December is also called Christmas season because we decorate shops and home to remember that we have to buy gift and food to prepare Christmas and New Year celebration. That period is generaly busy not only for seller who have to send lot of parcels, not only for internet ecommerce but also for every once. That period show us that we MUST spend our money. That period is typicaly for consomer society.

If you don’t have money what do you do. You just feel the pression that you are out. That is why I don’t like Christmas season


Wake up by the police

Last night at 2:30 I heard a big noise. It was the police. I was sleeping and didn’t understand what happend. He said that the dog was outside and was crying.

The dog was inside quiet. Strange. I realise that maybe a neighbour alert the police agains me. Actually the dog was outisde but only for 15 mn between 9:30 and 10:00 pm.

I was angry to be awake by the police for such things. It was really suspicious. Here in Switzerland surveillance is done by neighbour. If you are not good with them they could alert the police for really little thing.



My swiss russian doctor

I have sore throat, I have a cough I am not feeling well. I am feeling tired. Wendesday I am staying at home and not going to work. As my condition is not improving, I decided to go to the doctor Friday.

In Switzerland, You have to pay medical insurance. It is very expensive so expensive that I have a duty to my insurance. The result is that all expenses less than 2500 CHF or EUR I am not reimboursed. So I always hesitate to go to the doctor because I have to pay all and that is not cheap as you can imagine. Here in Switzerland all is billed. You invoice is very detailed. Each minute have a cost.

Sometimes we must go to the doctor. For me it is once every two years.

It used to be a man. I already went once to see that man but now he is retired and a new doctor take his place. She is a young lady around 30 / 35 year old. Olga should be russian. She has a strong russian accent.

That Friday, I was like a cloud, not very well and I should explain to her what I have. I always hate that. I don’t know how to explain how I feel. Normaly a doctor should know how I feel and what I have. She ask me lot of questions. What is my profession and few questions like that. And After 5 mn she start talking very fast with russian accent and I is hard to understand her. He start making a list of medication. Total 6 kind of medicine. I say that I don’t like medicine and I want to have the strict mandantory medicine. I am not well enought to understand what she tell me. At the end she gave me two tablets because the pharmacy is closed.

I am out and I don’t know what I have.

As I am very tired, I go to bed. I take the tablet. It is a pain killer. Why did they gave me a pain killer ? The pain was not too hard to support. But during this night, That night, I got a headache. I have a stomach ache. I want to vomit. It cannot sleep. And at the morning finaly I vomit. I hate that. It’s like I’ll die.

Saterday, I am feeling very weeking and I stay in bed. My conclusion. The tablet the doctor gave me was not good for me but it is worst.

Monday I go to the doctor again and give back the second tablet and explain how I react with it. I didn’t accept a second time with that doctor. I don’t trust her. For me this doctor gave me too many medicine.  She is only a phamaceutic lobbyist and commercial.

I am very disapointed with the swiss medical system. It is very expensive. Medical insurance is mandatory but useless. And When you find a doctor you are lucky enough because most of them are full and don’t accept you. If you find a doctor who accept you wou never know what happend.

Swistzerland is missing generalist doctors. That is why doctor from Romania, Portugal, Africa and Russia came here.

You can read also



Been with refugees

We can hear about refugees in the news very often. For me refugees was really like a theoretical concept. It was an idea. I have the image of Calais where they attack truck trying to go to England. Refugees it is picture of people on boat or in camps in Greeceland.

You have have people who is against them and people who is pro. You have in Europe political parties that try to reduce the number of refugees. People are afraid of them. The fear that they will colonize us.

Recently not far from my work place, a group of refugees was allowed to sleep in an empty building of a company. People from Nigeria and Gambia was there waiting for regularisation or I don’t know. Someone at work was touch by these people and wanted to organised a meal in order to invite them. I thought why not. I didn’t help at the organisation but tonight was the date. I came at the meal.

It was after the work outside, food on tables and simply they came. Maybe 40 black men was there. They didn’t speak any french but we communicate in english. They also speak an other language probably local dialect.

That was an occasion to talk with few of them. As they spoke simple english like me we try to communicate. At first just simple talk. Where do you come from ? Do you like this food etc… Then slowly I could enter in more personal questions but not toomuch. I didn’t want to make them not comfortable. They all have history. I saw and theire face sadness and resignation. What are you doing during the day ? Waiting. How do you communicate with your family in Africa ? I buy prepaid card. But it is very expensive. What is your name ? Noa. One man was here just like visitor but he is sleeping in a park because the builing where they are was full.

It was nothing special. At the end the man (he should be 20 year old maybe) said : We are very happy for this invitation.

Now my vision of refugees is different. They are human. They are real ? I even don’t make difference between economic and political refugees. Actually is it really important. I feel how hard it should be. Just waiting all day long boring and doing nothing should be hard. Been in a country with a language that we don’t understand.

Tonight refugees are humans like me. I realise that I am privilege one. I have a house, a work, a family I have all.

Hubzilla my (re)experience

I am back to Hubzilla after a break. I can now use it again, test it, feel it. Hubzilla is hard to explain.

My goal for this september was to create a new channel as I explained on my previous article.

Creation of a new channel. Go in the old channel, check if a contact is usefull if no : delete it. If I had a contact with a channel, I add it to the new channel. I call that manual moving.

I already read something about a possibility of changing the name of a channel. But i don’t remember where it was and it seems to me complicated. Don’t forget that the age of my brain is 6 year old.

On time I wanted to add Mike. I though that it would be nice to read what he wrote because he is the creator of Hubzilla. He already helped me for different things and even understand sometimes me. I know that my english is not perfect and sometimes it is not easy to express confusion clearly. He even keep some of my suggestion to improve hubzilla. So I decided to add him in my relation list.

I go to the relation list and then add the address then I see that !!!!

I understood that I must pay 10$ to continue. I don’t have anymore a paypal account. I though that it was free to add a relation in hubzilla.

I understand that free solfware needs sometimes money and we can put possibility to make gift for a project. But I never seen that we have to pay for a relation request.

I stoped there because as I see myself I have no chance to be accepted. I am not programer, just a critical user.

Now it is not possible for me to talk with mike with hubzilla. But I notice that he understand french and he can reply with gnusocial. I will ask him questions with gnusocial or with public posts. It will be a message in a bottle hoping that it target someone.

Otherwise Hubzilla is a wonderfull communication tools for community.




Pineda de Mar Spain

This year, I don’t have the choice. I have to take my holiday in August. Bad luck. Prices are hight. People are stressed. But let’s go to Spain in Pineda de Mar.

You can also read the french version of this article

According to Google, 8 to 9 hours could be enought to join the destination place. In fact we took 10 to 11 hours.  You must take motorway if you need to cross France. And that motorways are very expensive. We paid between 50 to 60 euros fron Geneva to Spain. And on the french motorway you only have machines. A machine gave you a ticket and a machine ask you to pay.

Pineda de Mar is situated at the Costa Brava near Barcelona at the mediteranean sea. We can speak catalan and spanish. People understand quite good french and english.

Pineda de Mar Espange

Holidays are oportunities to simply do nothing. But we must do something : organise what to do.During this time we have luxury to bet bored. We can think about lot of things. What happend during the last year. The first days my mind was empty. Usualy during the year I am overbooked.

The hotel was not the best quite place. Although not very cheap, the level of phonic isolation was very poor. We could hear the music from outside. In the room we could hear the swiming pool, toilet of the neighbourgh, people walking etc…

Read my advice about this hotel I don’t recomment it

Fortunately in Pineda de Mar in Spain we can live outdoors.

place principale Pinede de Mar

One curiosity is this huge tree in the middle of a street near the beach.


Illa fantasia is water parc but I don’t recommend it. It is small and we can do all attractions in one hour. Additionaly the water is very cold.

During the afternoon, the city is very quite. People should snooze. But on evening between 9pm and midningh lot of people are outside. Families with babies, children riding bicile or searching pokemons. Youth drinking at cafes or simply walking.

Otherwise after few days my skin did adjust on the sun without major problems thank to sun cream and shadows. I have an impression of warth that keeps even on evening or during the night. Swiming in the sea is very pleasant. It is like therapy and motivation comes back. Inspiration comes back too.



First day of ski


This year, the begining of winter was dry and snow was missing. Finaly the second part of winter (end of january, february and march) show more snow. This saturday, I was skying in France at Metabief station Jura mountain at the swiss french border.

You just cross the french border and 15 mn later you arrived at this sky station. Altitude is not vey hight (1400m hight at the top). The price is not very hight. With 4 people you can have 4 hours for 74€.

It was the first day of ski and probably the last of the season.

Caux Palace Hotel Montreux

Caux grand hotel
Above Montreux in the Vaud canton, in Switzerland you can see Caux Palace Hotel. . Constructed in 1900, the goal was to make the most advanced, most luxurious and biggest hotel ever built in Switzerland. The Caux Palace Hotel was blessed with instant success. Celebrities such as Sacha Guitry, Paul Morand, Romain Rolland, Edgar Wallace, prince Ibn Saud, future king of Saudi Arabia, John D. Rockefeller and the maharajah of Baroda visited it.

It is now also the seat of the Swiss Hotel Management School