Synthesis 2016

It is time to take time to think of this passing year. We will try to make an assessment to note some events that are marked this year.


The goal of writing a blog is to write in english. Not to be an influent bloger and to change the world. The motivation is still here. For 2017 I decided to move this blog at a new adresse
A blog is anachronistic but but it remains a challenge. A challenge to write but also a challenge to express our thoughts. A blog is a garden that must be maintained. An article is a like a message in a bottle. Who will read it ? who will understand it? How many people will receive it. Why continue this blog?

Gnusocial – Diaspora and Hubzilla

Gnusocial is an alternative response to Twitter but does not seem to grow much. The vinilox instance will close in 2017. I am still using gnusocial at
Diaspora is a relative success because it is more used and there are also francophones. Dada made on his blog a good little synthesis of 2016.
Hubzilla continues its development slowly but still has difficulty to be adopted by non-computer specialists. Review one year after the release of version 1. Hubzilla has everything to please in theory but in practice it is another story.


Brexit: Despite the polls, media support, the Britishs chose to continue their route outside the European Union. We are entering an interesting phase of history. This event marks a visible return to protectionism in the face of globalization. Will other countries follow the same path? Europe is in a bad stage because it is far from the citizens and undemocratic. It imposes its directives on the states in an almost dictatorial way.


Another surprise of the year is the election of Trump as President of the United States of America. The media were against (maybe a little too much), polls as well. Trump wants to put America back in the center and take care of the rest of the world. Another note of protectionism.


Hollande the worst president of the French Republic of all time renounces to stand for the next election. This is the first time an outgoing president has not appeared. Holland was elected to reject former President Sarkozy. Apart from homosexual marriage, no emblematic measures will be retained from this mandate. France had been in the street for months to signify its oposi- tion. It did not cost too much. Economically no significant measure has marked if not the shock of complexification. France is in any case non-reformable. We look forward to the next president.

Labor law

Labor law Under the pressure of the European directives, François Hollande proposed a law intended to flexibilize the labor market. In fact this law was a retreat of social gains. For a president who called himself a socialist, all that was needed was to put France back into the street with the movement of night standing up. Thanks to section 49.3 this law was passed in spite of a great popular opposition of both employees and employers and with a minority in the parliament.


PhareFm arrives in Switzerland in DAB +. After Lausanne, Basel, Valais it is Lugano which receives this Christian musical program. France is slow to offer digital radio.

Basic Income

In Switzerland we voted for or against the RBI (Unconditional Basic Income). This has allowed this idea to progress and talk about it. The idea was to give each citizen an unconditional income to enable him to live. Labor income would come in addition.

Implementation of the Feb 9 initiative

On 9 February 2014 the Swiss people voted against mass immigration. Implementation was finally decided two years later. A somewhat vague measure has been taken to encourage

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