I don’t like christmas period

Christmas is not a biblical celebration. Jesus is not born in december or January. The first christians did not celebrate it. It become religious day later in the history.

Today Chrismas is a commercial event first. The pretext of exchanging gift is good for shops to try to sell more. Buying gift is not only the reason. Christmas is a family celebration. It is a time to be together with a nice meal.

BUT today family is weak. Traditional family with a father, a mother and children is getting rare. People are lonely. Mariage is temporary contract if it still doesn’t exist. Families are not strong anymore. People are lonely. Christmas for people without family or with conflictual family is a hard period.

For people with less money it is hard too. The society push to buy but if you have just a little money it is harder.

Additionaly, we talk about the climat change. It is very contractitory with consumming society. If we want less carbon, it is just simple, we must return in a simple way of life without unnecessary things we put into trash few year later. Christmas is typicaly a period of time again ecological principal.

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