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Osada social network compatible with ActivityPub and Zot6

Osada is a social network compatible with ActivityPub (Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, pixelfed, Hubzilla etc… ) and zot6. It is based on the Hubzilla framework. That means if you are familiar with Hubzilla you will not be lost. The founder of Hubzilla never called Hubzilla a social network but a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites …

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Podcast about funkwhale

Funkwhale is a modern, self-hosted, free and open-source music server   Funkwhale is a music plateforme federated by Actitiypub     Unlimited music Funkwhale is designed to make it easy to listen to music you like, or to discover new artists. Click once, listen for hours using built-in radios Keep a track of your favorite …

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WordPress Activityüub is supposed to connect WordPress and ActivityPub

What is ActivityPub by Arthur

You can follow Arthur with (peertube account) and (Mastodon)


Pixelfed want to be an alternative of Instagram. It will be federated with ActivityPub like Mastodon, Pleroma or many other plateform. Untill now you didn’t have any similar app as Instagram.   The only tools that could be similare was based on Gnusocial It was a good start but Gnusocial seems to be slow …

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The future of the Federated social network

What is the today’s situation ? At present, there are two supernetworks in the federated social communication space, and they run on different protocols. They are known as The Fediverse, and The Federation. Le’t look at a shema. A picture is often much more understandable that lot of words.       You have in …

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