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  1. The Fediverse: Become An Adult Again — 2021-01-26
  2. Hubzilla 5.0 Released — 2020-11-08
  3. Nextcloud add social networking as app — 2020-07-10
  4. Fediverse in 2019 — 2020-01-10
  5. PeerTube 1.4 is out! — 2019-10-02

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The Fediverse: Become An Adult Again

Hubzilla 5.0 Released

It has been a wild and fun development cycle with many challenges. Here is a brief summary of the most notable changes: Zot6 ProtocolZot6 has been implemented as the primary messaging protocol in Hubzilla. Most work in this development cycle has gone into this project. What you will notice is that the network field in …

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Nextcloud add social networking as app

Nextcloud is not only a file sharing application. It is also an office application like Google Docs or Office 365. But Nextcloud have also a social application that gives to each Nextcloud user a microblog that is compatible to Mastodon and the Fediverse. Each user have an ActivityPub user. Use the search to find an …

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Fediverse in 2019

In 2019 the number of fediversed registered accounts increased from 2.500.000 users to roughly 4.300.000 – about 🎉 1.800.000 newcome Five networks growing most rapidly in online server numbers in 2019 were: Pleroma +182 Mastodon +159 Writefreely +147 Pixelfed +73 Peertube +63 We can be optimistic but if you look carefully at the number of …

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PeerTube 1.4 is out!

Peertube 1.4 just came out! Here’s a quick overview of what’s new… Plug-in system Since PeerTube’s launch, we have been aware that every administrator and user wishes to see the software fulfill their needs. As Framasoft cannot and will not develop every feature that could be hoped for, we have from the start of the …

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4 Major Protocols for federated social web

Mike Macgirvin explain what is a computer protocol and why multi-protocol systems can’t really evolve. « A computer protocol is a language. If two or more computers use the same protocol they can theoretically communicate. Like human languages, these protocols have limitations and the things which can be expressed using that protocol only include concepts that …

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How to comment a peertube video from a mastodon account?

Peertube is a wonderfull video plateform. You can comment any video from any peertube instance if you have a Mastodon or Pleroma account. It should work theoreticaly with any compatible ActivityPub Account. Go to the video you want to comment. Here is an example. Do not try to comment from this page, if you …

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Osada resurrected

Osada is a full featured social network application running under the ActivityPub protocol. It also communicates with and inter-operates with servers on the Zot6 network (such as Zap and Hubzilla 4.x). Due to limitations in the ActivityPub protocol, Osada does **not** offer nomadic identity or enhanced privacy modes. Osada was created originally by Mike Macgirvin, …

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Osada is abandoned

6 month after his launch. The project Osada is abandoned by his creator. Osada will be spun off (separated from Zap) and officially abandoned. If you want to take over the project, go for it. The implementation of Zot6 there is now frozen because future Zot6 work (and Zot8 – more on that in a …

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Zotiverse in january 2019

Zotiverse is a new word. It is the univesere that use zot protocole. : Hubzilla – Osada – Zap. Zot is much more powerfull than ActivityPub. It allow higher degree of security and anonity. But the best of zot is the nomadic identity. Hubzilla is the most established product. It should be considered more of …

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