Osada resurrected

Osada is a full featured social network application running under the ActivityPub protocol. It also communicates with and inter-operates with servers on the Zot6 network (such as Zap and Hubzilla 4.x). Due to limitations in the ActivityPub protocol, Osada does **not** offer nomadic identity or enhanced privacy modes.

Osada was created originally by Mike Macgirvin, the force behind Friendica, RedMatrix, Hubzilla, and Zap. Mike is the quintessential mad scientist and possibly a visitor from the future: I’m still uncertain. Many of his ideas have proven to be years ahead of their time. This project was abandoned in early 2019 so Mike could devote all of his efforts towards advanced social network technologies – in particular Zap. With Mike’s permission the stewardship has been take of the codebase to provide an ActivityPub project with some of the more advanced features made possible by the Zot6 and OpenWebAuth protocols.

Osada has a new repository talke care https://gitlab.com/apfed/osada