Hubzilla is moving to framagit

You all probably already noticed that GitHub was recently bought by Microsoft. See here https://blog.github.com/2018-06-04-github-microsoft if you have not.

After a brief orientation period the Hubzilla community decided to move the sourcecode to an independent, freedom-loving GitLab instance at Framasofts https://framagit.org/

To get the latest and greatest Hubzilla code, you need to point your installation to the new sourcecode location. This is pretty simple:

cd into your Hubzilla root directory and execute this command:
git remote set-url origin https://framagit.org/hubzilla/core.git

For the addons: cd into your Hubzilla addons directory (probably extend/addon/hzaddons) and execute this command:
git remote set-url origin https://framagit.org/hubzilla/addons.git

Please do the same for the widget https://framagit.org/hubzilla/widgets.git and theme https://framagit.org/hubzilla/themes.git repos if you already added those from GitHub.

The GitHub repos will not receive any updates anymore but will stay intact for a short transition period.
Issues and bugreports should be reported and discussed at https://framagit.org/hubzilla/core/issues for core and https://framagit.org/hubzilla/addons/issues for addon issues.