From GNU social to Mastodon : History of the fediverse

I think they were also hamstrung by a faith in free software ideology to draw people in. The truth is that software needs to be pretty polished to get a look in either way.

Tom Karpiniec wrote an interesting article about the fedivevse. Today Mastodon has a wave of adoption due to the change of rules at Twitter. Before Mastodon was Gnusocial who try to open the way. But the users was mainly libristes and geeks.


That article talk about Quit.im the fist try of Instagram alternative, of Hubzilla and Friendica and all other projects.

New users have been coming to the fediverse in waves. There’s always been a background level of organic growth but most of the action happens when Twitter does something stupid. Twitter does stupid things on a fairly regular schedule so this constitutes the bulk of the growth. People search for Twitter alternatives and sign up. Many of them get bored and leave again. Some stay, and the process continues

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