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From GNU social to Mastodon : History of the fediverse

I think they were also hamstrung by a faith in free software ideology to draw people in. The truth is that software needs to be pretty polished to get a look in either way. Tom Karpiniec wrote an interesting article about the fedivevse. Today Mastodon has a wave of adoption due to the change of …

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What is ActivityPub by Arthur

You can follow Arthur with (peertube account) and (Mastodon)

How to install Mastodon on Debian server with Yunohost

When you search how to Install Mastodon, it is complicated. If you are like me you can be discouraged. This job is really for a sysadmin. This is an easy way to install Mastodon. Prerequis Having a server with the latest Debian 9.5 actuel uptodate with a SSH acces. You can have a cheap VPS …

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