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One more ActivityPub project. Create a professional network to replace Linkedin. CloutStream Take care it is not CloudStream but Cloutstream. I don’t know what the name means. It is php based on laravel and let’s follow that project… What CloutStream Aims To Do CloutStream is a web platform similar to LinkedIn and other professional networking …

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Pixelfed want to be an alternative of Instagram. It will be federated with ActivityPub like Mastodon, Pleroma or many other plateform. Untill now you didn’t have any similar app as Instagram.   The only tools that could be similare was based on Gnusocial It was a good start but Gnusocial seems to be slow …

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Hubzilla 3.6 Released!

Mario wrote a notice to inform us that Hubzilla 3.6 is out. The most notable change in the Hubzilla 3.6 release is probably the refactoring of the various activity filter/order options. Basically we got rid of the network tabs and replaced the functionality with two new widgets in left aside – activity_order and activity_filter. The …

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