Hubzilla 1.1

One month after the version 1.0 a new version comes today.

The bigest change is situated in the administration panel that is improved.

here is the announcement of Mike
Greetings and Happy New Year. The Hubzilla developers are pleased to announce the immediate release of Hubzilla 1.1, our decentralised community platform specialising in cross-domain identity and privacy


Hubzilla 1.1

Rewrote and simplified the Queue manager and delivery system
Rewrote and simplified the outer layers of the Zot protocol
Use a standard version numbering scheme in addition to the snapshot tags
Provide a channel blacklist for blocking channels with abusive or illegal content at the hub level
Make the black/white lists pluggable
Update template library
Support for letsencrypt certs in various places
Cleanup of login and register pages
Better error responses for permission denied on channel file repositories
Disabled the public stream by default for new installs (can be enabled if desired)
Cleanup of API authentication and rework the old OAuth1 stuff
Add API « status with media » support compatible with Twitter and conflicting method for GNU-social
Rework photo ActivityStreams objects to align better with ActivityStreams producers/consumers
Several minor API fixes to work better with AndStatus client
Invitation only site – experimental support added, needs more work
Fix delivery loop condition due to corrupted data which resulted in recursive upstream delivery
Provide more support for external (git) widget collections.
Extend the Queue API to 3rd-party network addons which have experienced downtime recently.
Regression: Inherited permissions were not explicitly set
Regression: « Xyz posted on your wall » notification sent when creating webpages at another channel
Regression: Custom permissions not pre-populated on channel creation with named role.
Provide « Public » string when a post can be made public, instead of « visible to default audience »
Allow hub admin to specify a default role type for the first channel created, reducing complexity
Ability for a hub admin to set feature defaults and lock them, reducing complexity
Change default expiration of delivery reports to 10 days to accomodate sites with reduced

Pageheader addon ported from Friendica
Hubwall (allow admin to send email to all accounts on this hub) created
GNU-social – queueing added
Diaspora – fixes for various failures to update profile photos, updates to queue API
Cross Domain Authenticated Chess (Andrew Manning’s repository)

And… the normal « lots of bugs fixed, translations updated, and documentation improved »

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