Hubzilla how to stop following a channel

Hubzilla is a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework built using common webserver technology.

In this post we will see how to manage connections or contacts. Hubzilla could be not easy to understand because it has lot of fonctionalities. Members has so many options that it could be lost.

Facebook has an easy way to understand because contact have bidirectional relationship.

Twitter and google + have only one directional relationship. I can follow someone or not.

Hubzilla go fearther. it has fine tuning options that let member at the control. You can decide for each connection what you give for permission.

First when you want to have interaction with ‘someone’ (a chanel) you have to add it at the connexions list at the « Enter the channel address« . You can add either by name@hub.com or by url. You can enter diaspora contact with the same way. (take care of the option that is not selected by default)

Then the new relation receive a relation request. It can accept or refuse.
That is nice for selection relation. If you create a hub for your family for exemple you will accept only your family members.

But now how to manage relations. If you accept at the begining many relations you will be quickly floded by messages on your wall. So you will be able to select people you will follow or not.

Go to the arrow on each post and select Edit connection.


Then Individual Permissions

Then unckeck Can send me private mail messages.


That means that you will not receive this channel anymore, but he will be able to read your posts and comment it.


In the first column their setting we can’t change it is only for information. The relation can change it. We only can change the second column : My setting

In this way you will unfollow a channel without deleting it. It sill have the possibility to read you and comment your post (if the