Hubzilla : internet of the future

Looking back on the journey that began nearly six years ago trying to create an open social network which respects your privacy. There were struggles and battles with other projects and egos and companies competing in that space; so we moved the space. Everybody and their uncle is building a social network;
— and 99.9999999% of them will fail.

What we ended up creating is a model for the internet of the future; where passwords are a thing of the past and nobody can own you or your thoughts and ideas, and then sell these as a business model. Where the playing field is level; and privacy is a fundamental right. What we originally focused on – the « social network », is a miniscule and unimportant part of what we’ve built. It’s just an appliance – because *of course* people communicate. That’s what they do. And *of course* they expect privacy when they wish to be private; and they also expect privacy to just work. And when they wish to shout to « the world », they expect to be able to do that also.

We may never be wildly successful in any kind of business sense, but in my book we’re already wildly successful. We’ve turned our revolutionary ideas of what the internet « could be » into something that’s real and that you can actually use.

And now we’ve set it free. Hubzilla