Hubzilla 1.0 finaly released

Today 4th of december 2015 is an historical day. Hubzilla 1.0 is out.

The Hubzilla developers would like to introduce the Hubzilla project to the world. Basically what there is a community software platform that links different website communities together into something much larger.

It’s part CMS, part blog, part social network, part personal cloud


and all exciting and different in the way we provide privacy and single sign-on across all the connected communities; throughout the internet.

This isn’t actually a new project. This has been existing around for years perfecting decentralisation technologies to the point where small inter-connected sites can compete with many of the features and economies of scale of large corporate server farms. There is no single thing that defines how Hubzilla is different. Instead it is a large collection of  features which define what it can do for you. I will let some of the other project developers and members describe it in their own words…


Hubzilla is powerful and, in its own way, simple. Through its many options and features, it can be pretty much all you need it to be. The revolutionary zot protocol keeps you connected to the web, even when your own server may be down. Like a slider between parallel universes, your zot identity moves across the grid as needed. From a simple webpage to dynamic, fine-tuned communication, Hubzilla fills the bill for anonymity, privacy, authentication, and control, be it for individuals, groups, or businesses.


To me Hubzilla is an exciting piece of software. The most elaborate ACL management I have seen so far. It can be a complete digital home. It is scalable from a small family hub to share the obvious thoughts, events, discussions, photos, files up to commercial hubs focusing on publishing or selling stuff. The interoperability between these hubs is amazing and just much more advanced and transparent than any other attempts that I have seen before (openID etc). The versatility Hubzilla can be used is awesome, with some more work  I see it being a great tool for soundfile sharing, playlist sharing. Think spotify interactive. This still is quite a way to go but the groundwork has been done.
Thanks for this great piece of code. Proud supporter, even if the monthly donation is small.


Excellent. I’ve taken a stab at this, although I always feel that explaining Hubzilla is difficult because it’s fairly unique compared to most platforms.

Hubzilla is incredibly unique in what it is and what it does. You could compare it to Diaspora, but you could just as easily compare it to Drupal or OwnCloud – but it is more than any of those things. You can use it to make anything you want – a personal website, a forum, or even a full-blown social network. Every server running Hubzilla is capable of federation, meaning that users on one server can easily connect to users on another – this means that they can send messages, like each other’s posts, follow each other, share files and events, and much more.

It has expansive privacy controls and cloud storage baked into the core platform. The best part? You can extend it to do almost anything. It’s a CMS that comes with cloud storage and privacy controls, and can also be used to deploy a federated communication network.

To top it all off, with the magic of Zot and the built-in nomadic identity that it enables, I can clone my account on multiple servers so that in the event of my main server suffering an outage, I only lose access to the files that I store.  My blogs, forums, social connections and personal content is still available by simply logging into one of the servers where I have cloned myself.

Build websites for your organization with Hubzilla and get single sign on and identity aware content for free, using a platform that respects the permissions of site visitors. Power your next web app with Hubzilla so you can focus on the features that make it unique, getting decentralized secure data transfer and authentication services for free. Join the community of Hubzilla developers and be a part of something amazing.