How to create a community with Hubzilla?


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Sometimes we start a post with How, we have the answer and sometimes when it is a real question. That has been always a dilem. When you are looking for information you can ask your search engine a question and you expect finding an answer but sometime you find a question.

As I read the vision of Mike the creator of Hubzilla, I understand that he want to propose a tool that helps us to create community. That goad is excellent and I agree. If community is able to communicate together that is a plus. But now let’s concentrate on community.

Community is a niche market, you don’t target all people but only specific motivated people. I am just asking myself and hubzilla creators and developpers how to do that.For exemple you can create a community arount football, ecology, politics, religion or a hobby.

  • First you need to informe that this community exists.

That communication is public. You need to tell the world that every body whith specific interest is welcome in this community. How are you going to make it. You need to create a nice attractive webpage that explain the rules and the benefit of this community. That could be done quite easily but I am not sure how with hubzilla.

  • Second you need to select members.

That point is my problem if I refer to redmatrix. Redmatrix had only public community or private one. Both kind of community has it’s problem. Public community could be flooded with spammers and the moderator would have lot of problems deleting mass creation accounts. Even real account created by human been manualy should be in the specific interest. At the opposite if you close registration how would you send invitation ? You must know people first, then send invitation then how invitation creation works ? That part should be polished and easy. You don’t need to be a geek to understand how things works. That should be obvious.

My idea. I remember long ago was ning. I remember how easy it was to create a community and how easy it was to select members with a precreation questionnaire form. Or many Mike has an other idea. I would like to know how. I am just wondering how hubzilla will face that aspect of the fantastic tool.