Christmas Dreamhost promotion

If you are looking for host for Hubzilla, Gnusocial or Friendica, you can go to Dreamhost. It works well. they promise Unlimited storage and Bandwidth and unlimited domaine,

Dreamhost has been tested for Hubzilla, Friendica or Gnusocial.

Additionaly you can have

  • Subversion server preinstalled
  • Jabber IM (XMPP) preinstalled. That means that you can get your name@domaine as your xmpp address
  • Unlimited ftp users for groupe
  • Unilimited domaines for different sites
  • Easy administration panel
  • Preinstalled free solfware for ecommerce, blogs etc..
  • Users administration
  • SSH line commande
  • cronjob
  • etc…

The normal price is already cheap : $9.95 per month with the promo code CHRISTMAS2015 you can get it for $2.8 per month only the first year.

For that go to Dreamhost and enter the promo code