Friendi.ca is now closed

I regret to inform everyone that have decided to close Friendi.ca due to scalability and inactivity issues. Unfortunately, the friendica platform is not made to handle huge amount of data. I have been struggling this past few weeks to stabilize the server that often uses 100% of its resources. It seems that I wasn’t the only having this issue. Not to mention its development is pretty inactive as well; it seems that the lead devs decided to dedicate their time on Red instead (which I think is a fail). The Friendi.ca community itself is also inactive. Sure, there are people posting, but most of it are either spam or a mirror from Twitter or Facebook, so I wouldn’t call it an activity from Friendi.ca. I also received reports that some messages are not being received or sent by friends from other networks. It seems that this is an issue to the friendica core itself. I cannot do anything about it. And unfortunately, I cannot dedicate my time to fix these issues.