Friendica 3.0 released

Announcing the immediate availability of Friendica 3.0, the next generation communications platform for the web.

It's impossible to list everything we've brought you since version 2.0, over a year and a half ago. After the first couple of hours your eyes would glaze over. We've been hard at work (as usual) making things work better and more reliably.  And just to show we're not slackers, we've also brought you a ton of UI and theme improvements - and a whole stack of new features. Version 3.0 marks what we feel is a mature and stable release which fulfills the communications and interaction needs of most people.

Why? Because somebody has to stand up for the people of the internet. That's why. We refuse to accept being controlled, owned, censored, and monitored in our daily communications with our friends and family.

But that was then. Friendica is now. 

Chat? Yeah, we've got chat. You can choose between XMPP/jabber or IRC. If you can't make up your mind, that's OK too. You can do both.

Edit your posts and comments after you've sent them. Preview your posts and comments before you send them. Add bold, italics, links, images, and other stuff to your posts and comments - without needing to learn a new markup language. We've provided editing tools for all the common functions. If you need to express yourself in more than 140 character status posts, we've got you covered.  Don't worry about the length of your post. Include file attachments, videos, music, events, photos (from any of your photo albums). You'll get birthday notifications for friends who wish to disclose their birthday. Unlike Facebook, these will be converted to your own timezone - because not everybody lives on the same side of the world.

Groups/forums/pages are now working quite well, can federate to some degree with other networks like Diaspora, and the number of forums is growing rapidly - covering many different topics and interests. Join the party. 

And we've got ZRL's.  "WTF is a ZRL?",  you might ask. This is what allows you to visit some random profile on another internet site and find that you can send private messages or show friends you have in common with this person. It's like a magic glue that turns hundreds or thousands of little independent websites into one super-colossal inter-connected social network - with all the social features you've grown to expect. We've already shown that you can visit these sites and create a wall to wall post (this is a completely different website, remember); and you can also view private photo albums. Nobody else working on decentralised social networking has even tried to tackle these problems. They're bloody hard. Friendica is solving them in unique and innovative ways.

We listened to your feedback. You didn't like our themes and thought the interface looked old and boring. We've had some brilliant people working on this. We retired some of the themes and developed a whole bunch of new ones. And we made it even easier to create your own.

Plugins? I can't even count how many new plugins we've got. They're showing up all the time. Games, utilities, tools for Friendica, etc. That's the greatest thing about Friendica. We're not trying to "decide for you" how social networking should work in the post-Facebook world. You can extend Friendica to interact in new ways that we never thought of.

And in case you forgot or nobody told you, Friendica is already connected to your friends. We've got Facebook, Twitter, Status.Net and Diaspora. We've even got a prototype of Google+ in Friendica. And not like "send this post to Facebook", but we can bring your entire Facebook stream and all your friends to you, except without the Timeline. We can connect to email and RSS feeds, so you don't need a separate feed reader.  They're just other types of connections you can have in your stream. Most of the time you just have to say "I want to be friends with 'http://some.website' or 'joeblow@example.com'" and we'll make it happen. We don't care what network they're on. We speak a lot of different communications protocols and we'll try to find one that works. 

You can also connect and read your stream and/or post remotely from a growing number of third party clients and mobile platforms. That's because we didn't invent a completely new API, we used the standard Twitter/StatusNet API, as this provides hundreds of toolkits and applications that already work - today. But we're also extending the API to provide privacy features, since neither Twitter or Status.Net fully understand this concept.

And we can find new friends and old friends you may not have been aware of, with suggestions that we've managed to scrape together by checking with all your existing friends and who they're connected to - and calculating the best recommendations to present to you. It just works, across completely different websites and several different social networks. And if you decide that knowing who your friends are is a privacy issue, this ability can be blocked. Period. Your privacy always comes first.

Isn't it time you joined a real privacy respecting social network that communicates with anything and anybody? And that is free and open source, and isn't owned by a corporation with hidden or undesirable motives?

Only Friendica brings it to you. We're on your side - not theirs.

Download version 3.0 today.

Visit us at http://friendica.com

[We expect our poor little project website will get hammered when this notice goes out. If it is unavailable, please try back later. This in no way represents the reliability of the Friendica social web, which is spread all over the internet and can't be brought down.]