Souvenir of summer 2012 : Saint Tropez

This sommer I was in south of France and I could visit Saint Tropez by night. It is located on the French Riviera, and it is known today for its famous and extremely wealthy summertime guests. It has been dubbed the ‘playground to jetsetters, fashion models, and millionaires’.

Bird fallen from the nest

This morning I had the surprise to see a poor little bird fallen from its nest. Unfortunatly, the next day this bird died.

Jura between France and Switzerland

On the road, I stopted and took this picture. So nice with the blue sky and the fog in the valley.

How to connect your GnuSocial with Twitter

If you have your own GnuSocial, you can configure the TwitterBridge. This Twitter “bridge” plugin allows you to integrate your GnuSocial instance with Twitter. Installing it will allow your users to:

- automatically post notices to their Twitter accounts

- automatically subscribe to other Twitter users who are also using

- your StatusNet install, if possible (requires running a daemon)

- import their Twitter friends’ tweets (requires running a daemon)

- allow users to authenticate using Twitter (‘Sign in with Twitter’).


Here is a How to step by step for connecting your GnuSocial account with your twitter. Step 1 to 5 is administration configuration.

1. Configuration in GnuSocial

Edit you config.php file (should be on your root directory of GnuSocial) and just add the following line


Once it is done, upload it.

2. Creation of your Twitter app

Second step, you should create a twitter application. Go to If you are not connected to Twitter, sign in with your twitter account. Then clic Create New App

how to connect your GnuSocial with Twitter step 2

how to connect your GnuSocial with Twitter step 2

- Name : Your should invent a name for your application. Should be unique so, try to invent a unique name.

- Description : Write something to help you in case you have many applications

- Website : Type here the URL of your GnuSocial website.

- Don’t forget to read and valide the Developer Rules of the Road at the end of this form

- Clic on Create your Twitter application


3 Change the permission

Clic on API Key, then Mofify app permision to read an write.
Clic ont the Tab Permission and change permission to read and write

4 Create your access token

Clic API Key, and at the bottom of the page, Create my access token. Check that this token have read and write permission (waite a little and refrench the page)

5 Twitter bridge settings

Go to the admin panel of your GnuSocial. You should have Twitter option. Then enter :
- Consumer Key : put the API Key
- Consumer Secret put the API secret
- Application name

Now your users should connect with twitter.

6. Connect your account with Twitter

Now the most important step is not done. This is the easiest (if all previous steps was done correctly).
In your GnuSocial go to Setting > Twitter > Connect my Twitter account > Validate
It’s done.



I recommand to just leave the first option “send my notices to Twitter” on. That means that when you are going to write something public on your GnuSocial, that will post to your twitter account as well.

I don’t recommand to select “Subscribe to my Twitter friends here”. Except if you have a strong server.

Installing a new gnusocial

Few years ago was statusnet. And Statusnet was the federated social network. It was easy to install on on simple LAMP. we were in 2011 …

And diaspora was born and I discover friendica and redmatrix.

Now in 2014 I tryed gnusocial. Gnusocial is the continuation of statusnet. My experience at was really nice. So I decided to install a gnusocial instance just to try and maybe do adopt.

First I notice that there is no documentation or very few. the only page I found was

We must have ssh access and imagine lot ot things.

After persistance, I could install it and it is very satisfying. Nevertheless I have few unfinished questions.

- How to localize in french ?

- How to connect with twitter the twitterbridge didn’t want to work.

- How to set up the mobile version

- I couldn’t connect with mustard




How to install gnusocial ? ssh mode

Gnusocial is a twitter like software that you can install on your own server. The advantage of gnusocial over twitter is that it is federated. All gnusocial instance can communicate to each other. Like email or xmpp (jabber) you will have an Ostatus id like user@server.

First step is you don’t know what is gnusocial is to play with it. You have public

Installation :
Before going to the installation, let’s check the requirement
- php 5.4 at least
- ssh access is

Go to the directory where you will install gnusocial I will name the directory gnusocial
run this command
git clone git:// .

Don’t forget the . (dot) at the end.

When it is done go to your new gnusocial
You should have a page like

No configuration file found.

I looked for configuration files in the following places:

You may wish to run the installer to fix this.
Go to the installer.

click on Go to the installer.
You should have some permission to change just follow what is it mentioned
4 directories should have write access
chmod a+w gnusocial
chmod a+w gnusocial/avatar/
chmod a+w gnusocial/file/
chmod a+w gnusocial/background/

when it is done refresh the page (install.php)
A form will appear.
Just feel the form

  • Site name : what ever you want
  • Database Hostname : usualy it is localhost but not always
  • Database name (you have to create a database for that first or you should know the name of it
  • Database user
  • Database password
  • Administrator nickname that will be the admin account
  • Admin password
  • Type of site : Private : all will be hidden, single user (if you want only for you), community (ideal for a group, a class, a family etc..) , public (if you want a free registration for every body, that option need a strong server and administration care)

Choose community even if you will use it only for you. It is very easy to restrict registration. If you want to share you gnusocial with a friend, it will not be possible otherwise.


Chalet in Gstaad Switzerland

Switzerland from the sky

Why Linux Sucks

Linux exists but why is it still not used ? simply because it sucks. Look at drivers and hardwards problems. How about audio or videos editors  ? There is too many distributions softwares that are unfinished. How about games ? And how do you replace photoshop ?


That video dates of 2012 but I am sure in 2014 it is the same.

Michel Delpech le chasseur 1974


Le sud Nino Ferrer 1975

C´est un endroit qui ressemble à la Louisiane

A l´Italie

Il y a du linge étendu sur la terrasse
Et c´est joli

On dirait le Sud
Le temps dure longtemps
Et la vie sûrement
Plus d´un million d´années
Et toujours en été.

Il y a plein d´enfants qui se roulent sur la pelouse
Il y a plein de chiens
Il y a même un chat, une tortue, des poissons rouges
Il ne manque rien

On dirait le Sud
Le temps dure longtemps
Et la vie sûrement
Plus d´un million d´années
Et toujours en été.

Un jour ou l´autre il faudra qu´il y ait la guerre
On le sait bien
On n´aime pas ça, mais on ne sait pas quoi faire
On dit c´est le destin

Tant pis pour le Sud
C´était pourtant bien
On aurait pu vivre
Plus d´un million d´années
Et toujours en été.


1974 1975 1976

I’M NOT IN LOVE – 10cc


Coming in September 2014: Friendica Hackathon in Berlin, Germany

(Reposted from Tobias Diekershoff)

Upcoming in September: Friendica Hackathon in Berlin, Germany.

From Sept. 5th to 7th 2014, some Friendica developers and users will be gathering in Berlin to work on software improvements. Everyone is invited to join.
The plan is to work on some issues (label Berlin2014) and to get to know other friendica friends in person. We hope to see non-coders as well as coders! People who know about UI, who would like to test or document changes are very welcome! If you can't come in person but you'd like to work with us, join us on IRC (#friendica on freenode, UTC +2 ;) ) or in the forum!

The venue:
Groessenwahn, Kinzigstr. 9, 10247 Berlin, Germany (
The venue is not accessible in a wheel chair.

If you are somehow involved with friendica and you would like to join, poke us! There is still a limited amount of sleeping places available.

"Us" - that's, and

Hope to see you in September!!!

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