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I've been working on Red for three months (off and on, there are lots of demands on my time). Here is an update.

Most of us think of "online networking" and think only in terms of "social networking" because of all the influence that Facebook has had in that realm. It has become apparent that the abuse of privacy has only one solution - take the private information out of the hands of outsiders and keep it under the control of those who are communicating. This means that a future which involves "privacy" belongs to decentralised communications, not to centralised data silos. We knew that already and was the basis for Friendica.

But also we've come to accept that the "social" part of networking is the only thing that matters. That everything on the modern web is all about friends.

It's not.

Red is an attempt to look at all of this from a higher level and see where we've been and where we're going. The whole "social" bit came about because email couldn't protect us from spam. So we started only accepting messages from "friends". And so now we have these huge corporations which are geared around the concept of communicating with friends.

Facebook is merely a communications system with web accessible resources, all focused on the concept of "friends". There is also inherent censorship and blockage of people with non-mainstream beliefs.  Filtering is performed which uses Facebook algorithms to decide which content by which friends you can see at any one time. What you see in your stream isn't under your control.

Now let's look at Red. Red is simply a network. It has attached web resources. It is decentralised. It isn't concerned with the "social" bit, because "social" just means a granting of permissions to do stuff. Red has a permissions system which can emulate "social networking", and much more.

But Red isn't about people. It's about thought streams.  We call them "channels". You can create any number of channels, and some of these can represent people - like you for instance. And they can interact just like in a social network. But channels can represent any thought stream, hobby, interest, person,  discussion topic, anything. They can be about your music. They can be scientific discussions on a particular topic or range of topics. They can be a personal blog or a marketing site for a new product. You can attach web resources to channels such as  photo albums and event listings and static web pages. And you can create rules on how other channels or collections of channels can interact with each of them - or not. 

So each channel is essentially a content management system attached to a communications system and a set of rules about what interactions are allowed - and what content is visible to any or all other channels. And since it is decentralised, private information is only shared with the hubs of other channels that are involved.

Important: There isn't any central repository anywhere which has access to *all* private information.

You also have an analogue dial representing the "affinity" between this channel and any other specific channel. If you're "channel surfing" you can look at specific other channels, or mixtures of other channels, or those with a specific range of affinity. And if those channels permit you to do so, you can interact with them. You can also interact with specific subsets of channels. In a social network context you might call this a "private group".

And you can change channels. They are all separate entities, so things can't leak between your channels. So not only does each channel have privacy controls for the other channels it interacts with, different channels can interact with completely different sets of permissions.

In Friendica for instance you can create private profiles and photos that can only be seen by co-workers, and another which can only be seen by potential girlfriends. In Red, you can do exactly the same. But you can also interact with co-workers on a completely different channel and share work related stuff without having to worry about what permissions you might need to set on each thing you post or share. One is a different thought stream entirely from the other.   

The other big thing we're doing in Red is taking the internet domain name system out of the equation. You need this to visit web resources, but you don't need it for basic communications. You can move around and interact from other places. So if your channel doesn't require web resources, you can communicate from anywhere. We hope to build desktop and mobile communication clients which can operate independently of the content management web servers, and allow you to stay in communication even if those go down - (which happens). 

So in summary, Red isn't a social network in any classical sense, though it contains all the same components as a classical social network and has better privacy controls. So one could use it in that manner.

Red is a matrix of interacting thought streams.

Want to connect to the grid? We're still several months away from a solid prototype. This is a lot more complicated than a decentralised social network and it's taking some time to develop because nobody has ever done anything quite like this before.

Stay tuned.

sharedtalk language exchange

I will write reviews of tools to make friends with internet.

The first website I would like to present you is sharedtalk. Actually this site is a tool to help you practicing and learning a foreign language. but you can use it just to chat or to find new friends all over the world.

SharedTalk is a community of people from all around the world and dedicated to language exchange and language learning. Application form is easy and quick. You can use either the text chat or voice chat. You can choose chat room according to language or directly chat in privat. Of course you can use kind of email for long messages. I just tested this site today and it is very good. You can easily use it not only to practice your language but also to make new friends.

Don’t Wait On a Husband to Live Your Life!

You’re breathing right now, but are you living? Are you living the most out of your life? Or waiting on your FUTURE husband to start? dreams and aspirations aside, waiting to pursue only with your husband-to-be?

Do you feel like your abundant life will really start once you’ve found God’s match for you? Perhaps you’re struggling with a CASE of the Single Girl Syndrome… We believe we’re living beings, roaming, passing time until we meet our destined, who will fulfill us, and make us complete. Then we’ll be truly happy…

Single Ladies… SNAP out of it! It’s TIME we start really living our lives. Living the life we anticipate to live with a Husband one day.

Wipe the cobwebs off of your dreams. What are they? I challenge you today for a change of mind and heart. Start taking advantage of the life God has given you today, and start living.

Tomorrow is not promised, circumstances change, opportunities slip away, doors close. Use every bit of resource you have at this present moment, to pursue the things you want to do in life.

No more delay, it’s time to live in the fullness of life that Christ came for us to have – and live it well.

Castel of La Sarraz switzerland

More than Chocolate and Cheese

What comes immediately to your mind when you hear the word Switzerland? Beautiful landscapes, Swiss watches, high mountains, international banking, cheese, and chocolate? But of course, Switzerland is more than Chocolate and Cheese. You can order the movie online as a DVD:

the comfort and the learning zone

Russia take back Crimea

After a new revolution in Ukraine, after 4 month of hard revolt against the ukrainian president, After 100 deads, Yanukovitch leave Ukraine and find refuge in Russia.


Russia invade Crimea and start preparing annexion of this region. The majority of the population is russian and received russians as savior. The propaganda said that ukrainians are fascist or nazi and what is amasing it that every body believed that.

16th of march a referendum is organised. Strange referendum.

  • There was no YES or NO question. You can choose either to reply or not.
  • The pre-election period was not ballance : 50% of the time for people who support YES and 50% for who support NO
  • This referendum was illegal according to international law.
  • 60% of the population is russian but 97% accept it.
  • The time after the ukrainian revolutions sounds like a revanche of Putin.

My conclusion : Putin is loosing Ukraine so he took back Ukraine.





Ukrainian worship songs

What is going on in Ukraine

Ukrainian explain for us the situation. This is not propaganda or western media or russian misinformation : Just an ukrainian citizen trying to explain us what is going on…

The story is…

We had a president Yanukovich (sponsored by Russia). And trust me life wasn’t sweet with him! Few months ago after his another step to the Russian side, people went to the streets for peaceful protests. Protests turned into civil war in the center of Kiev. And now Yanukovich is guilty of that mass murder. Ukraine’s parliament has voted to remove president and set new elections to may. But Russia doesn’t like the fact that Ukraine is not under Russian pressure anymore. So, Putin sends Russians (they tell journalists that they are just locals who want to live in Russia) to Ukraine to set anti-Ukrainian protests in Eastern and Southern cities. Russia is trying to convince the world that Ukraine wants to be the part of Russia which isn’t truth of course. And now Russian troops have entered our country to provoke Ukraine into armed conflict.

So, the point is that we are Ukrainians (not Russians)! We have friends and relatives in Russia and we love them. But we don’t want to work for Russia or to turn to slaves of Russian Empire. We want to live in our own independent Ukraine and to decide ourselves to work with Russia, EU or USA.

All these people you see on the photo are real Ukrainians that live in Odessa. And they gathered together in the city center for peace! Thank you, my friends, for taking your time and reading this! And, please, spread the word!

Early spring end of february

war in Ukraine

Putin try to keep Ukraine under his control. Yanukovitch try to save his place as president as long as possible. Ukrainian and Russian forces kill people on the street. Dictatorship is in Ukraine. Revolution in progress. People just want justice and freedom.

How fast is a website

Just discover a nice tool that help you to check how fast is a website

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